Church burglar nabbed

Church burglar nabbed

SOUTH WINDSOR, CT (WFSB) Ruth Bader Ginsburg is bringing scrunchies backRuth Bader Ginsburg is bringing scrunchies backPosted: Wednesday, March 21 2018 12:34 PM EDT2018 03 21 16:34:57 GMTScrunchies, the quintessential 90s accessory found holding up the hair of sitcom stars and pop princesses, are making a comeback on fashion runways and have the longtime backing of one of the most influential women in Washington: Ruth Bader Ginsburg.A Douglas County judge denied bond for a Highlands Ranch woman who is accused of tossing her newborn onto a neighbor’s deck where it was found dead in January.Street drug laced with bug spray produces zombie like effectsStreet drug laced with bug spray produces zombie like effectsUpdated: Wednesday, March 21 2018 5:31 PM EDT2018 03 21 21:31:31 GMTA street drug that contains bug spray is taking a toll on drug users while producing zombie like effects.A street drug that contains bug spray is taking a toll on drug users while producing zombie like effects.
Church burglar nabbed

Chuhachi Tyuuhaci Ninomiya 1866

Chuhachi Tyuuhaci Ninomiya 1866

Chuhachi Ninomiya, born in Ehime Prefecture’s Yawatahama loved to fly kites and as a boy he was nicknamed “Kite flying Chuhachi.” He was 24 years old when he got the idea of a “flying machine” from watching crows gliding through the air.

In 1891 he successfully launched a rubber band powered model plane into the sky. While this machine was only a model, it was an authentic single wing, propeller driven airplane with landing gear.

When one considers that the Wright brothers’ Flyer 1 was a multi winged craft with no landing gear, it is plain to see that Chuhachi Ninomiya’s concept was extremely advanced for its time.

Three years later, in 1894, Chuhachi Ninomiya went to the front lines of the Nisshin War. While in the infantry he became keenly aware of the need for airplanes and sent three separate reports on airplane manufacture to the army, all of which were discarded. It is said that these blueprints were of such a level of excellence as to cause sheer amazement amongst later aviation experts. However, with the reply “There is no way that humans were meant to fly,” his blueprints were never used.

Disillusioned, he left the army in 1898, and with the aim of building planes independently, he set about working to save funds for his project. In 1908, with his savings in hand, he set up a workshop in Kyoto’s Yawatahama and returned to plane building. Next, having built a fuselage, he was waiting for delivery of the motorcycle engine he was to use to power the aircraft when, one morning in 1903, he read the newspaper headline about the great Wright brothers’ successful first flight. Ninomiya never built another plane after that. When he was still a child, he started designing and making kites, and eventually they became such a hit with the neighborhood they became profitable.

Some of his kites took on aspects of flying machines. One creation was a “parent and child” kite for advertising purposes. The main, or “parent” kite,
Chuhachi Tyuuhaci Ninomiya 1866
had a belly compartment which could be filled with pamphlets. Once aloft, the winged child kite is placed on the kite string at the ground. The wind catches the wings, the child rides up the string to the parent and strikes a tripping device that releases the pamphlets in a rain of messages. The contact also makes the wings on the child kite fold back similar to carrier based military planes and the child slides down the string and returns to earth.

Chuhachi (Tyuuhaci) Ninomiya KitesNinomiya’s plans and scale model for his Tamamushi flying machine were completed in 1893, the same year that Otto Lilienthal started his research into gliders that would be a text for the Wrights. With the outbreak of the Sino Japanese War in 1894, his unit was shipped to China, but he took his model and plans with him and begged his superior officer to let him continue developing a full scale machine for use in field communications. The officer’s answer: “You’re crazy. If America and Europe don’t have such a machine, how can we Japanese build one?”

Ninomiya made designs for man powered flying machines, but soon realized that flight must look to mechanical power. In addition to birds, Ninomiya looked at every flying creature he could find bugs, insects, even flying fish. He made careful measurements, recorded body weights, and made sketches. After his Karasu flight, he decided on a tamamushi (Chrysochra elegans) as a model for a powered aircraft. This two winged flying creature moves through the air with its longer upper wings outstretched and uses its shorter lower wings for propulsion.

After Ninomiya was demobilized, he went to Osaka, a center for the pharmaceutical industry, and started working his way up the corporate ladder by developing new medicines. He had only one purpose for gaining finances: his flying machine.

Ninomiya then bought an old rice polishing plant between Osaka and Kyoto for his workshop and testing ground. He was moving ahead with his machine when news of the Wright brothers arrived. Ninomiya became depressed and abandoned the project. It was discovered much later, and then at an air show in Vancouver, Canada in 1991, a plane built on his plans flew for the spectators. If Ninomiya’s superior officer had had just a touch of the draftee’s craziness, aeronautical history would have been different and the Wrights would have been second.

en Fran premier vol au JaponLe premier vol au Japon eut probablement lieu le 29 avril 1891, quand un avion h sans pilote d et vola environ 10 m une hauteur d’un m et 36 m une hauteur de six m le lendemain.
Chuhachi Tyuuhaci Ninomiya 1866

Chronograph Watch

Chronograph Watch

There are many definitions of a chronograph watch. Broken down to its constituent parts, a chronograph comprised of “chrono,” meaning time or number, and “graph,” to depict is any instrument that draws or represents time. By that definition, any watch should be considered a chronograph. So where’s the difference of opinion?

A more useful definition of the chronograph might be any device that records time intervals. By this definition, a chronograph watch is really just a stop watch, useful for sporting events, races, breath holding competitions, or any number of other situations in which time is elapsed. Usually, the type of event dictates the precision with which its participants are to be measured, which in turn dictates how many complications or time metering instruments a chronograph must have.

A downhill ski race, cycling competition, or marathon usually requires a multi gauge chronograph to allow for tiny incremental differences. Less pressing events and meets, on the other hand, may only call for a general measurement of elapsed time. And while some affairs require intermittent stops and resets, others simply require continuous movement and recording.

These disparities are the reason for the differences in definition, but there does seem to be consensus on one matter the chronograph is a useful tool. Even most replica watches today are considered chronographs, and those that aren’t are likely to have cousins within the same family of brands that are. Hence, you can buy a Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, or Tissot chronograph and still get the same essential features, even if the design specs are radically different from watchmaker to watchmaker.
Chronograph Watch

Christopher Colin

Christopher Colin

MADISON Christopher Colin McGrath, age 49, husband, father, brother, uncle and friend to many, passed away from complications due to colon and liver cancer on Friday, Sept. 29, 2017. Chris was born in Madison, Wis., on Aug. 25, 1968, to Michael and Peggy (Martin) McGrath. Chris was known as “Critter” to his family. from Marquette University in 1997. Chris was then united in marriage to Annie Grgurich in 1997. of Marketing for Legacy Franchise Group (Country Kitchen). During this time, he had two children, Caitlin Claire McGrath and Griffin Glen McGrath, and would have done anything for them.

Chris was a kind, giving, solid man who spent his entire life taking care of others. His passions were drumming (30+ years), spending time with his family and friends, coaching baseball, and contributing to charitable events. He passed his drumming and appreciation for all types of music to both of his children and as a result, they are also talented musicians.

Most importantly, Chris was the rock of our family. He was always there for every step of the way for his wife and children and there was never a time where he put his own needs before those around him. Friends and family will recall his witty and bright sense of humor throughout the years, he always was able to make others around him smile and laugh. His life was taken much too soon, and we will miss him every day and throughout eternity.

Chris is survived by his devoted wife, Annie; his children, Cailtin and Griffin; his sister, Heather (Jeff) Sorensen; a brother, Michael McGrath; and many nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Chris was preceded in death by his parents. on Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017, at OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE CATHOLIC CHURCH, 401 S. Owen Drive, Madison. A luncheon will follow the Mass at another location. on Tuesday, Oct. until the time of the Mass at Church.
Christopher Colin

Christmas travel rush

Christmas travel rush

Youll have lots of company at the airport if youre flying for Christmas or New Year’s.

Airlines are preparing for a record 51 million passengers for the holiday season, a 3.5% increase from the previous peak of 49.3 million last year. airlines say theyre offering 91,000 more seats per day to meet the demand for flights from Dec. 15 through Jan. 4.

The busiest travel days, with about 2.7 million passengers each, will be Thursday Dec. 21, Friday Dec. 22 and Tuesday Dec. 26, according to the trade group Airlines for America. Here’s what you should know if you’re one of them.

New this year

A new requirement by the Transportation Security Administration means that all electronics larger than a cellphone must be removed from carry on bags from screening. Fliers will be required to place these items by themselves in bins to go through scanning. Eligible fliers selected to use the Precheck lines will be exempt, but all fliers should pack knowing that its possible these devices might have to be removed for screening.

MORE:Flying for the holidays? Here’s what you need to know about the TSA’s new security rules

Allow extra time, expect busy terminals

No one wants to spend more time than necessary waiting in an airport terminal. However, this isnt the time of year to test how close you can cut it. Aside from the possibility of busy terminals and long lines at check in and security, expect heavier than usual traffic on entrance roadways, parking shuttles and public transportation. Inside the terminal, unusually heavy crowds may lead to back ups at check in counters and security lines.

A good rule of thumb: Arrive at the airport 45 to 60 minutes earlier than you normally would. Youll be glad you did, especially if you find yourself stuck in a security line filled with slow moving families making their once a year holiday trip. If you know your airport is especially prone to long holiday lines, consider arriving up to 90 minutes earlier than normal. Remember: If you miss your flight, this is a tough time of the year to find empty seats on other flights.

USA TODAY:TSA dog teams hunt for explosives, boost security and speed travelers along(story continues below)

Dogs go through TSA training in San Antonio

Pack smart

Pack your carry ons with security lines in mind. Remember, that unless youre eligible for the TSAs Precheck lines, laptops and liquids must come out separately to go through the screening checkpoints. Thats especially important this year with new TSA electronics rules.

For the infrequent fliers, remember that most liquids are prohibited from carry ons unless they are in containers of 3.4 ounces or less and are held in a clear quart sized plastic bag. (See the TSAs full 3 1 1 rules on liquids)Some exceptions are made for liquids related to medical or childcare needs, but it may be smart to brush up on those rules. In addition, certain food items may be difficult to bring through security lines.

Pack so that your laptops, liquids and other items can be quickly taken in and out of your luggage. That will not only speed up your trip through security, but will also shorten the wait for those behind you. And if youre bringing presents, hold off on wrapping them. The TSA doesnt prohibit wrapped presents, but it does warn that you may have to unwrap them if something inside raises alarms.

Keep an eye on potential travel trouble spots

Watch the weather starting as early as 72 hours leading up to your flight. It may be sunny and warm where you are, but there could be problems between you and your destination. If theres poor weather at home or at your destination monitor your airlines website for potential updates. In some cases, airlines will issue weather waivers that may allow you to move your flight at no cost to avoid weather related disruptions.

Nearly every carriers website now lets you check the status of your flight. On the day of your flight (or the evening before), keep tabs on your flight status. The sooner you know theres a cancellation or delay that could affect your travel, the sooner youll be able to troubleshoot it with your airline or travel agent.

FLIGHT TRACKER: Is your flight on time?

If your flight is canceled or delayed and you need to book a new flight, most people wait at their gate or head to an airline customer service desk to get help with a new ticket. While waiting, try the airline’s reservation number to ask for help in getting a new flight, and you may beat those in line to a seat.

Also, most airlines have added rebooking features on their mobile apps that allow customers to select new flights during so called “irregular” operations. If your carrier’s mobile app has such a feature, strike quickly as you’ll have much competition for limited seats.

LIST:The world’s 20 busiest airports for 2016(story continues below)

Pack your patience

Perhaps the golden rule of travel, this is especially important during the busy holiday rush. Lines are longer and airports and airplanes are more crowded than normal. Nerves fray easier. But even when things get stressful, take a deep breath and smile. A courteous nod to a fellow traveler will increase the chances thatll theyll be courteous to you.

And never take out your frustrations out on airline employees, most of whom are conscientious workers doing their best to get everyone on their way during an intensely busy time.

Even if youre convinced your airline has wronged you, remember that these front line workers often control your fate in getting to your final destination. Being polite and respectful will bring better service than being hostile or rude. Ask for a supervisor if you must, but know he or she may not have a different answer than the one youve already been given. Above all, always try to show everyone along the way the same respect youd want.
Christmas travel rush

Christmas gifts for sports fans this year for all budgets

Christmas gifts for sports fans this year for all budgets

In case Santa needs some extra ideas (Picture: Getty)Christmas is so nearly upon us and sports fans all around the world will be desperate to see Santa Claus bring them the presents of their dreams when he shuffles down the chimney. Stocking fillers

Chocolate tennis balls (12)

What better way to kick off a sports Christmas gift guide than with some novelty tennis ball chocolate?

Tasty, and shaped like a tennis ball could you ask for any more?!

There’s nothing worse than chaffing during high intensity activity and these boxers will keep your comfort levels at a premium.

Whether you’re buying for a runner of just a general sporty person, these pants won’t let you down.

Runderwear Compression Socks (30)

Designed to stimulate blood flow from the foot upwards and to keep your feet dry while working hard, these socks really do make a huge difference to one’s sporting life.

Whether for a runner, hiker,
Christmas gifts for sports fans this year for all budgets
golfer, tennis player, whatever sport you can think of these socks can boost performance and recovery.

(Picture: Sport Philosophy)A versatile piece of training gear for the winter months.

It’s getting pretty nippy outside and this will keep your body that extra bit warm whatever your sport.

Thomas Royall swim shorts Hatch Label (85)

Chelsea legend John Terry and former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand have often been seen sporting this range of trunks.

High quality and rather fashionable, if you’re into swimming (or lounging around the pool), it’s a great fit.

Sport Philosophy grey vest (36.40)

The Macha Women’s Carbon Road Shoes are a really sharp present for the female cycling lover.

If they take life on two wheels seriously, this is a top purchase.

Puma Vikky ladies light blue (44.99)

A stylish indoor or outdoor sports shoe that’s perfect for her.

Can also double up as trendy footwear in a casual outfit.

Nike MD Runner 2 ladies’ red (54.99)If she likes to look good while running,
Christmas gifts for sports fans this year for all budgets
these flashy trainers are the perfect fit!

Christiansburg wins 17th state wrestling title in a row

Christiansburg wins 17th state wrestling title in a row

CHURCHLAND Christiansburgs wrestling dynasty registered state championship No. 17, as seven Blue Demon wrestlers claimed individual titles in the Class 3 state wrestling tournament on Saturday.

Winning state titles were Brandon Crowder (106 pounds), Garrett Kuchan (113), Marshall Keller (138), Xander Whitehurst (145), Nick Giantonio (170), Erik Eva (182), and Ty Kwak (195).

The Demons finished with a tem score of 258 points more than 100 points better than runner up Warren County, which edged third place Cave Spring by 1.5 points.

Stunton River finished fourth.

The Knights had three state champions Kip Ninger at 120, Zach Schmitt at 132 and Malik Sallah at 160.

Schmitt won a 2 0 decision over Nathan Kearns of Staunton River.

Other all Timesland finals included:

Josiah Robinson of Northside pinning Staunton Rivers Justin Mutter in 1:45 at 126 pounds.

Keller over Cave Springs Preton Wiest at 138 (10 1 major decision). Tester at 170 (44 second pin).

Kwak over Staunton Rivers David Wilson in a 4 3 decision.

Christiansburgs Nathan Warden lost in the 152 final in overtime to Brookvilles Hudson Stewart.

At 220, The Demons Andy Smith lost in a tiebreaker to New Kents Trent Ragland.

Flemings Wade repeats at 106 pounds

CHESAPEAKE Tyress Wade had dominated on the wrestling mats all season, nothing changed on Saturday in the VHSL Class 5 state tournament final at Oscar Smith High School.

Wade completed his quest for a repeat state title at 106 pounds by earning a 14 6 major decision over Guillermo Torres of Harrisonburg.

That was all that needed to be done on Saturday after Wade swept through his three bouts on Friday winning two by pin and the other a 6 4 decision over Kempsvilles Liam Besserer.

Last years title came in Group 4A.

Patrick Henry finished strong as well, with five of its eight wrestlers reaching either the third or fifth place bouts on Saturday. That was good enough for a sixth place finish in the team standings.

Chauncey Wilson led the way for the Patriots, overcoming a quarterfinals loss on Friday to wrestle all the way back to taking third place at 132 pounds. Other podium finishers for PH were Nick Debonte (fourth at 138), Henry Harmon (fifth at 152), Calvin Paige (sixth at 170) and Omega Webb (sixth).

New Covenant 68, SML Christian 57

Treavor Keaton scored 20 points,
Christiansburg wins 17th state wrestling title in a row
William Keep 16 and Thomas Dean added 13 points and grabbed 15 rebounds in the Ospreys loss to the Gryphons in the final of the VACA South Region tournament.

Bowman 17, Walker 14,Robertson 15, Ivins 8, Witt 6, Anderson 2, Reynolds 6.


Keaton 20, Keep 16, Dean 13, Wilmoth 6, Payne 2.

New Covenant 15 17 20 16 68

SML Christian 10 23 14 10 57

3 point goals New Covenant 4 (Walker 2, Bowman, Reynolds), Smith Mountain Lake Christian 9 (Keaton 5, Dean 2, Keep, Wilmoth).

EMORY The Warriors blew a one point game wide open in the second half outscoring the Panthers 43 19 to take the Hogoheegee District tournament championship Friday night at Emory Henry.
Christiansburg wins 17th state wrestling title in a row

Christian Dior Karenina Framed Tote For Elegant Women

Christian Dior Karenina Framed Tote For Elegant Women

In the post, I want to share the new style Christian Dior Karenina which I actually like.

Dior clothes in early Autumn 2008 mainy aim to build a gorgeous barroque style according to the background of Romanticism in Russia at 19 century. While, accessories of this season will extend the style of eastern europe. Just like the new style Christian Dior Karenina.

Created by John Galliano, Dior Karenina was inspired from Karenina a leading lady of Leo Tolstoy novel. Its style is like old, something new a modern, funky design with a touch of vintage elegance. The collection includes the large soft single top handle bag with matte crocodile skin in colors like petrol blue, black, grey, cream and brown, as well as combinations of astrakan with shiny leather and colored aged leather; it will also be available in a smaller model. Also, it will feature a frame bag in combinations of grey and blond fox fur with leather. In addition, there will be four small evening bags to complete the collection, which will have a single top python handle matching the color of the bag in: black velvet with embroidery, Chantilly velvet with embroidery, white mink with leather trim and amethyst velvet with embroidery.

At the first sight, Dior Karenina appears luxurious and noble look. No matter the delicate handcraft or ornate materials, the brand spirit of Dior is given expression to it everywhere. Chose from various valuable materials, as well as th e decoration of ruched details, the bag body recurs a perfect elegant and graceful gesture of Russian noble ladies at 19 century. Even by owing it, you will can help keeping yourself under that atmosphere.

In my opinion, it is absolutely a masterpiece of romance and sweatness. As a fashion lady advocating classic and elegant style, you should never miss it. As for the Dior Karenina Frame Bag in Fox Fur, I think everyone has own views toward it, we can estimate it simply. Maybe you will consider it as a huge matter, however, the fox fur details add luxury feeling to the whole without question.
Christian Dior Karenina Framed Tote For Elegant Women

christening steeped in tradition

christening steeped in tradition

This is a handout image released by Kensington Palace on Thursday July 9, 2015, of Britain Prince William, seated left, Kate Duchess of Cambridge with their children, Prince George, seated 2nd left, and Princess Charlotte, at Sandringham House England after the christening on Sunday July 5, 2015. They are pictured in the Drawing Room of Sandringham House with Queen Elizabeth II, seated right, and standing, from left, Michael Middleton, Pippa Middleton, James Middleton, Carole Middleton, Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Philip. (Mario Testino/Art Partner/Kensington Palace via AP)LONDON Prince William and his wife, Kate, marked a milestone for their newborn baby Princess Charlotte on Sunday a christening ceremony on Queen Elizabeth II country estate that was steeped in royal tradition.

Hundreds of fans outside St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, a sprawling royal estate near England eastern coast, cheered as William and Kate arrived with toddler Prince George and nine week old Charlotte, who was in a vintage pram.

It was only the second time Britain newborn princess, who is fourth in line to the throne, has been seen in public since she was born on May 2.

Like her elder brother George, Charlotte was dressed for the occasion in a replica of the intricate lace and satin christening gown made for Queen Victoria eldest daughter, also named Victoria, in 1841. Until 2008, that original gown had been worn by all royal babies including the queen at their christenings.

Following royal tradition, holy water from the River Jordan, where it is said Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, was used for the baptism.

The 16th century church, close to William and Kate country house Anmer Hall, is where the royal family traditionally gathers for Christmas service. It is also where Charlotte late grandmother, Princess Diana, was christened in 1961.

The ceremony was private the queen, her husband Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Kate family were among a small group of guests allowed inside. Guests also included five godparents that William and Kate chose for Charlotte, including William cousin Laura Fellowes, Kate cousin Adam Middleton, and three of the couple friends.

Laurie Spencer, 52, from Florida, said she decided to give up a ticket for the British Grand Prix to be at Sandringham instead.

“When I found out the christening was happening while we were here I knew I just had to be there,” she said.

Sunday event saw William, Kate, George and Charlotte appear in public for the first time as a family of four. Celebrity photographer Mario Testino will take official photos of the royal family after the service.
christening steeped in tradition

Chris Mburu Pictures and Bio

Chris Mburu Pictures and Bio

(L R) Director/producer Jennifer Arnold, UN Acting Coordinator of Anti Discrimination Unit Chris Mburu, UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon, HBO executive producer Sheila Nevins, and producer Patti Lee attends HBO Documentary Screening Of “No Small Act” at HBO Theater on July 8,
Chris Mburu Pictures and Bio
2010 in New York City. With a $15 a month donation from a woman he never met, he was able to leave the African country to pursue higher education. Now, he a Human Rights activist for the United Nations.

Chris Mburu (Getty)

Hilde Back is the Swedish woman who decided to sponsor Chris as a child in Kenya. After he got older and left his poverty stricken home, he set out to find Back to thank her for her generosity. The documentary was made about their first emotional meeting.

“How can you change the world? Where are you going to start?,” he asked. “You can change the entire world as a whole,
Chris Mburu Pictures and Bio
so sometimes it just as good to help one child.”