Adding Custom Components to Eagle

Adding Custom Components to Eagle
Adding Custom Components to Eagle

Introduction: Adding Custom Components to Eagle

This instructable will show you how to add components to your Eagle library which will allow you to have custom PCB’s fabricated. This tutorial will focus on using existing symbols and packages in order to make the layout process as fast as possible. A hobbyist level knowledge of electronics is required. Symbol: A symbol is a graphical representation of the component and what is displayed on the schematic.

1. Open Eagle.

You should see the Eagle home screen.

2. Right click on Libraries.

3. Select new folder and enter a name for your library.

I used My_Lib to name my library but the name is up to you just remember what it is.

4. Select the new folder you created and then click on File => New => Library.

A window with an awful lot of white space should appear. This is where we will add our symbol and package to create a device.

5. Click File => Save.

The all familiar windows explorer should pop up.

6. Double click on the folder you created in the first step.


Personally I like using the symbols included with the LTSpice library but these steps will work for any of the included libraries in Eagle.
Adding Custom Components to Eagle