truck found in Sacramento

truck found in Sacramento

Wright’s vehicle was found Sunday in the parking lot of the Freedom Park Apartments in North Highlands, Rocklin police said. A resident saw the truck sitting there last week and then later realized it matched the description of Wright’s truck.Police said the truck was locked and they don’t know how it got to the apartment complex. The truck as has been towed from the scene and is being processed for evidence.Wright has not been seen in the 11 days since he disappeared, investigators said.The situation turned scary Jan. 13 when a relative went to check on Wright’s Rocklin home and found an intruder inside. There was no sign of forced entry, and the intruder ran away after being discovered.This was before the family filed a missing person’s report or posted about Wright’s disappearance on social media.”After we found out about the break in to his house, honestly, I felt as though maybe something bad has happened,” Wright’s 27 year old daughter Haley Kendall said. “Someone took him or he’s not okay wherever he is.”Wright, who is a contractor, is described as a reliable family man who has missed work, dinners and band practice since the day he was last seen.”He’s really involved with everyone in his life so this is just out of character for him to just disappear almost like into thin air,” Kendall said. “We have no answers at this point.”
truck found in Sacramento

Triumph of the totalitarians

Triumph of the totalitarians

Viewers of Dominic Sandbrook series on the Cold War get the impression that the Cold War was a fight between freedom and totalitarianism which the latter lost. However, some things I seen recently make me suspect that it was the totalitarians who really won.

One is Puffles description of the Labour party hapless efforts to use social media. He points out that the party aim to “dominate the conversation” is simply oxymoronic, and suggests echoing Jeffrey Nielsen that one reason for the decline of grassroots party activists is a dissatisfaction with ‘top down’ “oppressive discipline”. Instead of being free spaces where ideas can be debated without restraint, universities have become like the private and public bureaucracies the young will go on to join: speak out of turn, or even wear the wrong T shirt, and the bosses will make you suffer.

These stories have something in common. They both show how managerialist ideology is being extended into places where it doesn belong. Political activism and social media lend themselves best to loose egalitarian networks, not to top down management which is why big business so often makes an arse of itself on Twitter. And universities should be repositories of liberal values which recognize that intelligent young people are (or should be) fractious, noisy and rebellious, not production lines for conformists run by control freaks with a phobia of disorder who kowtow to their most frightening customers.

And this is why I say the totalitarians have won. A totalitarian is a fanatic who believes that one ideology should dominate society. And (some) managerialists are in this sense totalitarians, who have extended top down control freakery to places where it is counter productive and destructive of traditional values.

Which raises a paradox. During the Cold War, it was believed that Marxists were the totalitarians and capitalists were on the side of pluralism. Today, though, it is the other way around. At least one Marxist is siding with pluralism, whilst it is the boss class that are the totalitarians.

yes and no imho so yes in that for example far too much public sector project management is informed by the Prince2 approach originally designed to project manage IT contracts but now applied to the broad range of services including far too much social care. The need to work this way is tied into many contracts so that large chunks of civil society are now aligned to this approach.

Even then there is a specific public sector approach which comes from a paternalist pov. It has commerce related trappings and perhaps commercial approaches gave this approach a new language and structure but I don think it can be blamed on capitalism as it has a deep foundation in the faith in the state to intervene as an external force in order to “fix” people and a lack of trust in collectivist approaches.

The public sector has always been prone to managerialism, but it did traditionally operate in a pluralist environment,
Triumph of the totalitarians
having to balance the competing demands of Whitehall, local councillors and the unions.

The last 30 years have seen that environment whittled away, largely replaced by a “commercial” relationship between central government and large private companies.

Prince2 was created as a filter for public service outsourcing (IT was the first place they started). It prevents smaller businesses from competing with the favoured suppliers who have made its manipulation a core “skill”.

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Triumph of the totalitarians
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Triangle Mardi Gras celebrations

Triangle Mardi Gras celebrations

Things kick off Friday, Feb. 9, with the Boom Unit Brass Band and Paperhand Puppet Intervention hosting a second line from the downtown Bull statue to The Bullpen.

On Saturday, enjoy a Samedi Gras celebration at the Murphey School in Durham. There will be performances from the area’s most beloved second line band, the Bulltown Strutters and Ellis Dyson and the Shambles. There will also be a bowl of free red beans and rice for the first 100 people through the door. Tickets are $12. All proceeds benefit Durham Mardi Gras to help provide a free and open Fat Tuesday for all of Durham.

On Tuesday, Feb. 13, head to downtown Durham for a free walking parade and street festival. Durham Mardi Gras is going to be even bigger this year with five stages of live music. at the bull at CCB Plaza.

In Chapel Hill, head to Zog’s Art Bar and Pool Hall on Tuesday, Feb. 13, for New Orleans’ food specials, Abita and Hurricane specials and more fun. Museum of Natural Sciences on Friday, Feb. 9,
Triangle Mardi Gras celebrations
for a Mardi Gras bash including Cajun cuisine, hurricanes and live music by Peter Lamb and the Wolves.

5 Lounge Discotorium will host a Mardi Gras celebration Saturday, Feb. There will be live music, Brazilian dancers and more fun. Tickets are $25.

Also on Saturday, the Triangle Down Syndrome Network will be holding a Mardi Gras themed benefit featuring seafood, silent auctions, dancing and karaoke.

Hummingbird Chef and Owner Coleen Speaks is bringing a little bit of her New Orleans to Raleigh on Sunday. Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler is a Mardi Gras themed soiree featuring a seafood boil, gumbo and live music.

Pourworks will host a Mardi Gras celebration on Tuesday, Feb. 13, featuring Brazilian performers and drink specials.

Carolina Ale House in Cary will also host a Mardi Gras celebration on Tuesday, Feb. 13, featuring live music from MikeMickXer and food specials all night.

NC Event Pics’ Mardi Gras Bar Crawl is Saturday,
Triangle Mardi Gras celebrations
Feb. 17 in downtown Raleigh. The crawel will hit up five places in and around Glenwood Avenue starting at Xoco.

Trendy Formal Wear For Busty Women

Trendy Formal Wear For Busty Women

Gone are the days when there were not many choices of clothes for busty women. But today things are on the other side; from offline till online there is an exhibition of plus size women apparel. It will keep on increasing continuously. Like for other women in general, there is a large assortment of dresses for busty women, made especially for them. It includes all types of clothing, of all styles, fabrics, cuts, designs, etc. Now curvy women are not different than other women and can enjoy same flavors like others. There are many shops, showrooms, online stores that specialize in plus sized clothing effortless beauty and have wide varieties of full figured fashions. Also there are many upcoming styles that are hitting the fashion market by topping. They have made a great impact on the designers creative thinking, since the time their potential has been realized. These mind blowing exclusive formal wears are progressing incredibly at a greater pace. In formal occasions, full figured women don t have to hide under their clothes. There are many dresses that makes plus size women to look fabulous while allowing them to show off assets. Carefully designed formal wears enhances the figure and makes one feel confident about the appearance. But while selecting a formal dress keep certain things in mind that will help in choosing.1)Foremost important thing that needs to be checked is the fit of the dress. Right fit flatters the figure while ill fitting can make you look bulgier. 2)Second essential thing is, whether dress is performing its task of enhancing the assets or not. Right formal dress is the one which gives decent shape to all the veers and camouflage the flaws. This quality will stand you out from the crowd regardless of the type of dress you choose. 3)Black dress is looked at best for formal occasions and best friend of curvy women. Good thing about it is that it does not over emphasize chest. Also many styles are available in it. 4)Empire waist dresses are considered best for plus size women. It is a high waistline dress that falls just under the breasts to show off your bust while hiding figure blemishes. 5)Busty women should choose v neckline for the dress. These work best for them. If want to show more cleavage should opt a dress with a jewel neckline. 6)Last but not the least, trial. Certainly try the dress on yourself before making a final purchase. Look and comfort are the two factors that decide whether the dress is right for you or not? Finding a plus size formal dress is no more a challenge. It s very easy to get them; just the thing is you should know where to look for them. Whatever your choice is, classic or stylish, you are sure to get formal wear of your choice that is both fashionable and affordable. Besides all these things, self confidence is the most important thing that makes you confident about your appearance and gets notice.
Trendy Formal Wear For Busty Women

Trendsetting brands combat knock

Trendsetting brands combat knock

To get a handle on the state of fashion, sweep past the street vendors hawking $25 “pashmina” shawls and $20 “Prada” backpacks at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street and walk into the new H store.

Inside, the racks are jammed with copies of Gucci and Prada looks from the last runway shows all priced in the neighborhood of $30. On a summer evening, the store is more crowded with tourists than St. Patrick’s Cathedral across the street or the Gucci and Prada stores a few blocks away.

Until the last decade, the life cycle of apparel was simple: the trendsetters took a trend on, then it trickled down to the masses and the trendsetters moved on to the next one. Today, copies are churned out as soon as the items appear on the catwalks, which can turn luxury brands into victims of their own success.


“I’ve been a case study for these knockoffs,” said Zoe Metro, founder of New York jewelry designer Stella Pace. Last summer, she launched a nationwide craze with Powerbeads, the bead bracelets that became a must have accessory. While the real thing, made from semi precious stones, retailed for around $35, plastic knockoffs sold on the street for less than $5 each. Ms. Metro said he recalled going to a jewelry show last year where an executive from a maker of Powerbeads knockoffs thanked her for giving his business such a boost.

“In the beginning, imitation is flattering, but a part of me wanted to punch him,” she said. consumer has developed an appetite for fashion, even if he or she doesn’t have the wallet for it, leaving plenty of room for retailers such as Sweden’s H which has been doing land office business on Fifth Avenue since it opened in March.

“The fakes get better and better,” said Jim Conte, VP marketing at e luxury, the new e tailing venture from LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, parent of Louis Vuitton leather goods and Givenchy apparel, among other luxury brands.

But the knockoff craze hasn’t cheapened the luxury brands. A recent survey by consultant Interbrand found the value of the top global luxury apparel brands has increased even more sharply that well known mass names.


Interbrand’s research found Louis Vuitton’s brand value shot up 69% and Chanel’s 32% from 1999, while The Gap rose 18% and Nike dropped 2%. It quantified brand value through a proprietary methodology that measures the profits a brand generates for its marketer.

“People really do respond to badges. . . . There are people who will say, I want to be a member of the club,’ ” said Peter Levine, president of d/g Consulting, New York, a brand image consultant that has worked with apparel brands such as Ann Taylor, Guess? and Victoria’s Secret.

Gucci and Prada are not hurting, but the crowd at H begs the question: How do you maintain a luxury brand when imitations appear in stores at the same time at a fraction of the price?

The answer: Join the club. Make the brand itself, not the object, the thing consumers covet, observers said. That requires more than an investment in advertising, but also public relations, merchandising and product placement.”There’s a three dimensionality that builds these brands. It’s not just advertising,” Mr. Levine said. “Everything builds [the brand], from the advertising, to the store experience, to the Web site.”

He noted, for example, that Hermes destroys surplus inventory rather than liquidate it through discount channels to maintain the exclusive image of its brand.

“It’s a top to bottom brand concept. PR is very important on helping these brands establish themselves,” Mr. Conte said. “People are always trying to place their products in the right programs and [with] the right people because it adds validity to the brand.”

Word of mouth is key, Ms. Metro agreed. She credited celebrity plugs and coverage in fashion media with turning Powerbeads into a fashion trend.

Successful luxury brands build a community with their customers that makes them feel they are part of something, said Heather Mee, strategic director of Frierson Mee Kraft, New York. For example, she noted Jeffrey, an upscale boutique with stores in New York and Atlanta, sends personalized thank you notes to shoppers after their purchases and alerts shoppers when similar items arrive.

“People who are buying and paying for Gucci want to feel they’re indulging in that brand,” Ms. Mee said. “If you just want the style, it’s just a transaction. If you want to be a part of a brand experience, that’s what the brand is about.”

As another example, she noted how Burberry’s and Hermes, two venerable luxury brands, have injected whimsy and modernity into their advertising to attract younger, hip consumers.

“You want something that is not just a status symbol but that connects with a story,” Ms. Mee said. “It’s not just about status and cachet. It’s about feeling you share a wink’ with the brand.”


But sometimes, the only answer to an overexposed trend is to move on, Ms. Metro added. Fashion trends, after all, are supposed to change, she said. She has now moved from Powerbeads to new designs in jewelry and handbags, such as the Power Prescription line crystal and stone bracelets packaged in medicine bottles. But just in case, she now engraves the Stella Pace name on all her designs to separate them from the copies.

Regardless of the knockoffs, Powerbeads made her company famous, she admits. “Prada had the nylon backpack. Did they ever have something [else] that successful? No, but they’re still doing very well. Andy Warhol had the soup cans. Did he ever have anything [else] so big? No, but it put him on the map.”
Trendsetting brands combat knock

trending tote is

trending tote is

Top trending holiday gifts on a dime! That’s my mission in my quest to save you as much cash as humanly possible.

While most of my focus as a bargain hunter has been tied to tech this week, the fashion lines at Nordstrom, Saks,
trending tote is
Target and in today’s case Amazon are a hot focus for shoppers.

The words fashion and frugality rarely go hand in hand but today a deal from Cyber Monday is back in stock with a vengeance. Please keep in mind that this deal can sell out at any time! Top rated and just hit market again post Cyber Monday at the same price!

High quality craftsmanship with gold hardware

Ships from and sold by Amazon

Multi function shoulder bag also works as a crossbody bag

Accommodates smartphones, an iPad and countless other items

Features internal pockets and zip pockets

Six different leather color options

Lowest recorded price today

$60 Off Trending Tote and Fashion Handbags + Free Shipping

Was: $95.99

Now: $35.99

Sold for the same price on Cyber Monday

Matt Granite is a freelance consumer reporter who produces stories and video for this station,
trending tote is
Amazon Live and others. Neither Matt nor this station are compensated by the brands featured here. Prices are subject to change at any time and products are expected to sell out.

Travelling with your wireless device

Travelling with your wireless device

International pay per use roaming rates

You’ll get a roaming notification text message every time you enter a different country to let you know the retail roaming rates for the area you’re in.

If you text to an international number, you’ll be charged $0.20 per text in addition to the texting roaming rate for the country you’re in. Customers with Unlimited Text Messaging can send Text Messages for free in Caribbean countries with the same dialing pattern as North America (1 + area code + 7 digit number). See Caribbean countries with unlimited text messaging.

For more information on how billing works, see Roaming rates billing. Add ons give you a package of minutes,
Travelling with your wireless device
text messages, and data for one low monthly price.

roam RELAX International Travelling to a country with a data roaming rate? roam RELAX International Add ons give you a package of minutes, text messages,
Travelling with your wireless device
and data for one low monthly price.

roam RELAX International Text Just want to text? roam RELAX International Text Add ons give you a package of text messages that can be used anywhere in the world.

roam RELAX International Data Travelling to a country with a $15/MB data roaming rate? The roam RELAX International Data Add on reduces your data roaming rates from $15/MB to $10/MB.

Your phone uses data even if you aren’t actively using it. Consider turning off data roaming before you leave. You’ll still be able to use your voice and text messaging services.

Transplanting Hostas

Transplanting Hostas

Among the many things I like best about hostas is that rearranging them is as easy as rearranging the living room. And, hostas are known for (ahem!) outgrowing their little spot in the garden.I prefer to transplant in the fall when the foliage is already past it’s peak early to mid autumn because that minimizes “bad hosta hair days”. But if I feel like it then I transplant them anytime the ground isn’t frozen or baked hot and dry.Start by reminding yourself, whether you believe it or not, that there is just as much hosta below the ground as there is above it. Small hostas are easy. Put a potato fork at the outer tips of the foliage and push straight down into the ground, rocking the fork back and forth to loosen the soil. Do this in a complete circle around the hosta. On the last bit to complete the circle, angle your fork slightly under the plant and lift.If the foliage is large, then so is the root mass and unless you have access to a back hoe, it might not be possible to lift it out as one whole plant. I frequently start by loosening around a large clump with the garden fork, without attempting to lift it but creating space for the roots to move. Next I turn the fork over and place the tines of the fork in any bare patches available in the middle of the plant, pushing it in firmly with my foot. I place a second fork back to back with the one already bisecting the plant and push it in firmly also. Then I rock both forks to split the plant as gently as possible. I do this again and again until I have pieces I can handle. Once it’s split into manageable sections, I lift it just as if it were a small hosta.Once hostas are out of the ground it’s always tempting to just dig another hole and shove them in. But if I want to have a few more hostas, then I wash the dirt off of the roots and follow the leaf whorls down with my fingers. By washing, gentle tugging and occasionally cutting the crown (that hard woody mass) with a sharp knife, I can get at least 4 viable plants off of each mature hosta I dig up.Whether you’re transplanting sections, divisions, or the whole plant, I’ve invented an acronym CLODS to help me remember the important stuff.Compost Put a handful (or more) in each planting hole.Light At least 4 6 hours of shade for most hostas.Orientation Plant it facing in the same direction it’s used to growing, if possible. Changing orientation is one of the biggest unrecognized sources of transplant shock.
Transplanting Hostas

Transition in Milan fashion scene as new creatives break out

Transition in Milan fashion scene as new creatives break out

American actors Pamela Anderson and Jamie Foxx hobnobbed in the front row of the Dolce Gabbana show, invited not only for their fame and fashion sense, but as proud parents.

Anderson son Dylan Lee and Foxx daughter Corrine were among more than 100 be they budding actors, models, musicians, dancers, socialites, social media mavens or just plain cool who walked the runway for designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Dylan Lee looked dapper in a pink suit, while actor Andy Garcia daughters Dominik, Daniella and Alessandra wore black lace or floral print dresses.

Model Amanda Harwey and her husband, Jason Harwey, appeared with their two children, Noah and Rose, dressed in matching kitten prints; his a robe, hers a dress under a leopard print coat, and the kids in pyjamas.

Thai model and actress Praya Lundberg donned a dark double breasted coat superimposed with a fur relief of a leopard head and spots.

is one of the key pieces. It got a beautiful fur detail, it is gorgeous, Lundberg said after the show. think Dolce is so creative. It is always ahead of its time and very innovative and very brave. show was a testament to the diversity of the brand reach across generations and geographies, as well as its ability to dress all shapes and sizes for any occasion.

The looks included everything from tuxedos with sequined outer space icons to whimsical animal print jackets with an animal face hood and matching backpack and matching slippers.

The whole show had the feeling of a big family gathering, with some of the amateur models casting knowing grins at loved ones as they walked the runway to a live performance by pop star Austin Mahone.

The genuineness of the event came through in a few awkward near collisions on the runway.


Stella Jean seems to wax nostalgic for the Cold War in her latest collection.

The Haitian Italian designer stuck to her winning formula of combining Italian tailoring with cultural inspirations. This round, the United States and Russia faced off, with an army jacket standing in for Team USA and the humble head scarf, otherwise known as babushka, for Team Russia.

The reinterpreted military jackets included a long eco mink and an army green waist coat with medals embroidered into the garment. The scarves were worn wrapped tightly around the head and topped with a woolen cap. Rural Russian scenes were printed on the front of mini cape dresses cinched across the chest or on the front of a long A line skirt transformed into a strapless dress.

it is more pop, Jean said of the headgear backstage. is a representative of a culture but not in a folkloric way, which she said would risk coming off as parody.

can put a little irony on it,
Transition in Milan fashion scene as new creatives break out
but not a parody, she said.

Hand knitting is definitely a trend for the upcoming fall/winter season, an assertion of women power through creation. Stella Jean included sweaters, some with rural scenes or Russian iconography, knitted by women in quake struck central Italy.

shows the resilience of these women, she said.

Stella Jean search for craftsmanship was not deterred by warzones.

The collection included handbags created from inlaid wood backgammon boards made in Damascus and shipped by taxi to Beirut for the journey to Milan and onto the fashion runway.

The bags are the creation of Syrian couture designer Assad Khalaf, whose mother in Damascus made the small backgammon boards for him. Khalaf, 29, left Syria four years ago to study fashion, first in Milan and then Rome, where he completed a master degree in haute couture.

was actually a dream to do. It is the first thing that comes to mind to remember Syria, because wherever you go, you find these boards, he said.

Jean said in her show notes that the goal of the project is to establish business disengage the pointless aid dependent system, and promote connections between Italy and Syria.

She called the bags megaphone of a culture that does not want to succumb. MARNI

Marni new creative director, Francesco Risso, is keeping the kooky in the brand with bubble wrap effects and balloon volumes.

Risso said backstage that his aim is to infuse the brand with and love, and allowing people to really enjoy themselves when they wear these clothes. his first womenswear collection as creative director, Risso varied the silhouettes from straight lines to balloon shapes, from simple sheaths to fluffy furs, with less of the architectural construction that defined the brand under founder Consuelo Castiglioni, who stepped down last fall.

The collection was richly textured. Japanese fabrics were treated with heat, creating floral bubbles, while silken nylon had the appearance of bubble wrap. Padded waxed cotton puffer jackets were both feathery light and sculptural.

More conventional silhouettes, like nubby sweaters with straight skirts, were dressed up with colorful furry wraps and shiny black caps with matching fur accents. Sequins covered straight dresses. Wisps of fur peeked out of the top of boots.

Risso titled the collection short for infinite ways of being, and said his work is about freeing women from stereotypes.
Transition in Milan fashion scene as new creatives break out

Train hits semi truck in Elkhart County

Train hits semi truck in Elkhart County

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Home Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior Living

RadarClosings DelaysSketch the SkyMorning Drive Forecast7 Day ForecastFirst Alert Weather CamerasWeather AppWeather Maps

Notre Dame SportsPigskin PreviewCubsFriday Night Football FeverBURGER KING Outstanding Student AthleteHigh School Sports

Home Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior Living
Train hits semi truck in Elkhart County