Safe Cab Company opens in Newark

Safe Cab Company opens in Newark

NEWARK Central Licking County residents have another taxi service to call, with Safe Cab Company beginning operations in Newark, Heath and Granville.

Owner Virgil Bird said Safe Cabended its business last month in Mount Vernon, where it had operated for seven years, and moved to Newark, located in the downtown arcadeat 2 Arcade Annex.

Safe Cab Company has been operating here for two weeks, with a goal of providing service 24 hours a day, butaround the clock service is not yet possible with only one driver. Bird plans to hire another driver.

One reason he decided to come to Newark, Bird said, were problems Yellow Cab has had with its service.

“I knew they were having trouble picking people up in a timely fashion,” Bird said. “I have some friends that live here and noticed it was taking a long time to get a taxi when we needed it, and maybeNewark could use another one.”

The key to success, Bird said, is to be courteous and honest with customers.

“If you tell them 20 to 25 minutes, then try to keep it in that time frame,” Bird said. “If it’s going to be 45 minutes to an hour, tell the customer and be truthful. They’ll appreciate you being honest with them.”

Safe Cab will operate in the Newark, Heath and Granville areas, Bird said, but could go further if the customer makes arrangements well ahead of time.

“Every day is getting busier,
Safe Cab Company opens in Newark
” Bird said. “We’re getting a lot of people calling and asking questions. I’m trying to get the word out, so they know they have an alternative.”

Yellow Cab, which has operated in Newark since 1981, temporarily suspended operations for a few days in late September, when it switched management teams and hired new drivers.

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Jerry Williams, owner of Yellow Cab, said he has had difficulty recruiting and hiring drivers who can pass a drug test, criminal background check and physical, and have a spotless driving record.

The county’s job market, including the opportunity for seasonal work paying $16 per hour, has increased the difficulty in finding drivers, he said.

The countywide bus system will switch providers on Jan. 1, when MV Transit replaces National Express. MV Transit won the contract with a bid of $2.4 million, which the county will pay annually.

The county owns the buses and provides the mechanics, while the company provides the drivers,the training, insurance, safety team, managers and supervisors.
Safe Cab Company opens in Newark