Caption Competition 167

Caption Competition 167

Patrick Vieira explains his point of view to Ruud van Nistelrooy.

Arsenal’s game against Premiership rivals Manchester United was always going to be a fiery affair.

10 minutes from time, Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira stretched his leg towards United striker Van Nistelrooy, whose athletic rebound from the gesture earned the Arsenal player a red card.

The tension mounted until Van Nistelrooy missed an injury time penalty sparking off the Gunners’ boisterous remonstrations with the Dutchman.

What could Ruud, Patrick and Gary Neville have been saying to each other?

This week’s winner comes from Declan in Banbury who sent the following effort:

It was obvious to all that French and Dutch relations would never improve with a middle man also from the Neville Lands.

Well done Declan, the goody bag is on its way to you.

A new cap comp will be published by 1600BST on Monday.

Ruud and Patrick decided to resolve their differences with a game of head tennis. This pleased Gary until he realised they intended to use his head.

Nick Pont,”Irresistible plonker meets immovable prat”, watched by Patrick Vieira.

Irresistible plonker meets immovable prat.

Andy Dunne,Viera finds out Van Nistelrooy got the same holiday for less on Teletext.

As the referee separates the two players, further accusations are thrown that the officials continue to favour Manchester United.
Caption Competition 167