Cruising in Style

Cruising in Style

You have seen them all over the road but what is the real scoop on the PT Cruiser and why is it so popular?

The PT Cruiser is Chrysler’s exciting flexible and versatile cruisin’ machine brought forth from the Neon’s floorpan and mechanicals. The PT Cruiser handles very well, has usable cargo space, and plenty of style.

All North American PT Cruisers come with a 2.4 liter single engine, maybe not the most power around today but it is suffices. Europeans have the choice of a Mercedes 2.2 diesel and a base 2.0 liter engine.

Designs of the PT Cruiser started with such cars as the Plymouth Pronto. However, when all was said and done the PT Cruiser was a few inches shorter than the Neon but has 120 cubic feet interior volume, which is about the same as that of a full size sedan.

The automatic transmission is what you would expect for any Chrysler automatic, which are adaptive and electronic. The transmission learns about the car itself and you personally drive, then it adjusts itself accordingly. Don’t’ worry the transmission will learn all about the way you drive in about three or fours days and will be perfect for your style of driving. The only problem is that you cannot use just ordinary transmission fluid with the PT Cruiser. It does take a special fluid, but what do you expect from a transmission that learns how to operate as it is being used.

Interesting trivia concerning the PT Cruiser is where the “PT” originated. In the beginning many people thought that is stood for Plymouth Truck since in earlier years PT was designated for trucks however, PT really stands for Personal Transportation. This is what the Cruiser really is, a very personal cruiser that will adjust to the way you drive, give you more room including seat room and leg room. A tall man, six feet tall or over with a hat can fit very comfortably in the driver’s seat and still have room.

Now, that you have heard all the factory information let’s see why the PT Cruiser is so popular. How many times have you seen one going down the street and you stop to look around to get a better look. All PT Cruiser owners say the same;
Cruising in Style
people are always taking notice to their new PT Cruiser. Some people are so fascinated they have to actually touch the vehicle and ask all kinds of questions.

The reviews from owners of PT Cruisers will give you a better idea of why so many people are purchasing them over other new cars, SUV’s and trucks.

The gas mileage of the PT Cruiser Touring Edition is around 27 miles to the gallon. Owners state the Cruiser is superior in style and handling and the only real item that needs a bit of work is the air conditioning.

The door handles on the PT Cruiser are chromed and old fashioned, the steering wheel is poked with a Chrysler emblem in the middle, and the gear shift is on a long rod with a handle that is similar to an 8 ball. The overall effect is unique in design and style from the dashboard to the instrument panels.

The PT cruiser is not only popular because it is a very good looking vehicle with more style than other vehicles on the road; it is also popular because of its space. The interior is very spacious. It may be shorter than the Neon, but the roof is high, the seats are extra comfortable, and the rear seats can be removed or folded forward. The rear doors open wide enough to place large objects in the back without much effort according to the weight of the item. Not the cruisers fault.

Another great option is that the spare tire is stored underneath the cruiser. Some people see this as a bit more of a hassle, but it sure does save room inside the vehicle for things that really count.

The PT Cruiser is a smooth and quiet ride. You can feel a few bumps on the road but nothing like with some cars that totally bounce you out of your seat. With the cruiser, you could take a nap even if you are on a slightly bumpy road.

The PT Cruiser was built with passenger comfort in mind and it may be a bit hard to get a child’s car seat to fit in properly without hassles. Nonetheless, overall the PT Cruiser is the type of vehicle you need if you desire a quiet engine, more comfort, easy to handle vehicle with a price tag of under $20,000. Car Quote where you can get just as good of a price quote as if you used a expensive Car Broker and Car Dealer Check where you can read Chrysler Car Dealers reviews.
Cruising in Style