Electronic Schematics Diagram The Four Commonly Asked Questions

Electronic Schematics Diagram The Four Commonly Asked Questions

a) Theoretically yes, practically not necessary, it all depends on how good you arein electronic repair knowledge. For a beginner it is a for you to understand about schematic diagram, as you gradually gained more knowledge you will automatically depends lesson schematic diagram. You will definitely need a schematic diagram when you come across a newdesigned or technology. For example, when comes to crt monitor repair i seldom see schematic because i already understood most of the circuitry and section in a crt monitor. The new technology such as lcd or tft monitor makes me have to temporarily relies on schematicdiagram. As my knowledge of lcd monitor repair grows, i will gradually depends less on the schematics. May be my situation is different from yours because i concentrating only on onetype of equipment. I seen quite a lot of repairers in my country that repair many types of equipment such as tv, video, vcd, dvd, amplifier, hi fi, fax, laser printer, microwave and so forth. Most probably they need schematic diagram to keep them up to date on each of theequipment technology.

b) If you have a particular schematic diagram for that particular equipment,
Electronic Schematics Diagram The Four Commonly Asked Questions
your troubleshootingtime can be reduced to half! Unfortunenately many manufacturer do not release their equipment diagram. If you depends on too much of schematic you will be stuck on how to repair that particular equipment. Why with schematic diagram you can repair any equipment faster?Because a schematic diagram shown you all the part list, waveform, voltages, explanation how that particular equipment work, block diagram, schematic design, component part number,electrical schematics symbols, substitution, modification (if have) and electronic schematic symbols and etc. Assuming you have a power supply section blown and you could not recognize the component part number, but with schematic you will be able to find the exact part number and finally repaired the equipment.

c) If you work in the equipment factory or their distributor you will have the schematic diagramfor the model that they sell. Any under warranty unit that comes in you will be able to diagnoseand repair the equipment fast. This will increase the company reputation and customers will recommend to their friends about the quick service of that particular brand of equipment. You alsocan get schematic diagram in the form of a book from local electronic shops. This is usuallya compilation of few brands and model of a specific electronic equipment. Third, as most of us already know that you can download free electronic schematics diagram from the internet. Free tv schematics is easily found on the internet. You may also buy it the format. This investment will usually pay back in the shortest time.

d) As how to read schematic diagram, i unable to show you thru article because you do need a real schematic diagram in order to make you understand. Reading schematic is not that difficult,
Electronic Schematics Diagram The Four Commonly Asked Questions
provided you have some basic electronic knowledge. I have a few suggestions:

Ask from a friend who is in the repair line

Take short courses on electronic repair and ask the lecturer

Buy books from your local bookstore about the subject “how to read schematic diagram”

Buy schematic diagram and learn on your own (this will take sometimes but worth it)

Fix some project kit using the electronic kit schematics given. This will add to your knowledge also.

Conclusion In order to become a successful electronic repairer you must understand how to readschematic diagram.