Confederate statue seen as symbol of hate

Confederate statue seen as symbol of hate

The Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson Statue in Wyman Park was dedicated in 1948 after a Baltimore man named J. Henry Ferguson left $100,000 in his will to pay for it.

In his opinion, the two generals and other Confederate soldiers were heroes.

“These two guys were slave holders. They were supporting the losing side. Their side lost. Their side was supportive of not only slavery, but they were supportive of the economic benefits coming to the south as a result of having slaves,” said Marvin Cheatham, with the Matthew Henson Neighborhood Association.

“It is a piece of history so put it in a museum, as a defeated part of our history,” Baltimore City resident Margaret Baldridge said.

There are four Civil War monuments in the city,
Confederate statue seen as symbol of hate
three of them honor confederates.

The one in Bolton Hill was vandalized earlier this month and there have been calls to change the name of the city owned Robert E. Lee Park in Baltimore County.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake announced Tuesday that she’s calling for a special commission to review all of Baltimore’s Confederate era monuments and historical assets and make recommendations about their future.

“I think it was important for us to say, you know, hit the pause button, to hear from experts, to hear from the community and to make a thoughtful recommendation about what we should do moving forward,” Rawlings Blake said.

Elliott Cummings is an officer in the local Sons of Confederate Veterans chapter.

“They are going after monuments. They are going after parks. They are going after anything that has the confederate name associated with it,” Cummings said.

He told us Tuesday that he’s concerned about the mayor’s commission and the calls to take down the statue in Wyman Park and others.

“These monuments are an integral part of our city’s history and were dedicated by an earlier generation to honor men and women that they loved and cherished. It’s not for later generations to judge them by a different standard,” Cummings said.

When the mayor was asked about what the legal process would be for removing monuments,
Confederate statue seen as symbol of hate
she said that’s part of what the commission will look at. She said she’s hoping to have a report within six months.