How to Recycle Tetrapak Packaging

How to Recycle Tetrapak Packaging

Introduction: How to Recycle Tetrapak Packaging

Hi everyone, I am efendisiz from Turkey/ Istanbul. Cut from the place of joint.

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Can any of those components actually be recycled? Or are you just showing a way to break them down into individual parts so to “re use” them.?

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A tetrapak is made up from polyethylene on the outside which protects the paper layer (for strength) ,,
How to Recycle Tetrapak Packaging
then a polyethylene layer for adhesive. then foil and then two more layers of polyethylene. The carton is 75% paper. I attempted to cut the tetrapak into strips and then soak them in hot water over night. it didn’t help much. i managed to salvage about 30% of the paper before giving up. The aluminium foil (about 5% of the carton) can be collected and recycled. Polyethylene makes about about 20%.

Perhaps you could re fashion the flattened tetrapaks into a concave reflector to condense sunlight onto photovoltaic sensors. : /