How to Wash Yeast

How to Wash Yeast

Introduction: How to Wash Yeast

In this instructable I will show you how to reclaim your yeast from your brews. This will show you how to take one package of store bought yeast and turn it into multiple packages of yeast just by saving it after your brew. Yeast is a living organism so if you keep it healthy it will continue to multiply and make more.

Isn’t microbiology fun! LOLStep 1: What You Need

You will need your primary firmenter after you have siphoned off your beer. I have included a closeup picture of the yeast cake left behind after a primary fermentation.

Other utensils will be:

1gal demijohn (glass jug)

3 to 8 1pnt mason jars with lids

1 funnel (makes transferring easier)

1gal milk jug

1 spray bottle (optional)Step 2: Sanatize

You will need to sanitize many things. Anything that will touch the yest will need to be sanitized due to avoiding infection. I use starsan as my sanitizer but you can also use granular sanitizers as well. What ever type you use I mix mine up in 1gal milk jugs so I can mix a gallon at a time. Also I transfer some to a spray bottle for ease of applying it to any tools/utensils that may come in contact with the yeast.

Make sure and sanatize the 1gal demijohn (glass jug). The yeast will stay “in suspension” in the water so you don’t have to worry about the yeast setting out just yet since the “trube” will settle first. I lay my fermenter on it’s side to help speed up this process. If you are unable to lay your fermenter on it’s side you can keep it upright but it may take longer to settle. For me and this method it takes around 15 30min for all to settle out. Another 15min should do the trick. You can see in this picture the settled “trube” that is in the bottom of the container. It is about 1in of it in this picture. The milky water still has the yeast in it held “in suspension”
How to Wash Yeast