A medical home away from home

A medical home away from home

The Pennsylvania Medical Society, representing the state doctors, is pushing a new concept in personal health care.

It called the Patient Centered Medical Home.

If what you hearing now is the sound of crickets, you not alone. A recent poll commissioned by the society found that less than 10 percent of respondents ever heard of the term, much less understood it.

To start, it doesn refer to a place or a building, despite its name. It more about a team approach to primary health care. With the patient centered medical home, individuals have one stop shopping access to doctors for all their particular health care needs. Ideally, they can receive quicker access to their doctors. Here is a link to a more complete definition of the concept.

The medical society also stresses that in this practice, individuals are active participants in their health care.

Of course, the obvious question is about cost. A study by the Commonwealth Fund found that there was virtually no extra cost to providing care this way, since the medical home concept stresses preventive care. So no surprise the extra attention provided up front pays off by reducing illness and emergency room visits.

Will it take off? It sounds like a good idea, but the society ought to consider advertising if it wants action. I know just the place where they should start the campaign.
A medical home away from home