Adam Lambert is gay

Adam Lambert is gay

“I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay,” Lambert says in the RS interview, adding, proud of my sexuality embrace it. It’s just another part of me.”

Then again, don expect him to be a poster boy. trying to be a singer, not a civil rights leader, he says.

Sounds about right: It is no surprise. And he is a singer. Seems to us that Elton John, a gay singer,
Adam Lambert is gay
has done pretty well for himself.

Potentially much more interesting is Lambert and reasons for not discussing the issue during the run of the show, and his reaction to all the rampant speculation it fueled in the media. Let hope the RS interview touches upon some of that.

Meanwhile, check out that Idol cover shot with Adam all in black and that green snake oh so strategically placed. Gay or not, I suspect a lot of straight women will love the photo.

So what do you think of the that Adam is out? Did it bother you that his sexuality became such a hot topic during the run of the show? Did it hurt or help his chances? Or you more interested in the fact that Adam just signed with RCA Records and his first album is due this fall?

Okay, this is out of the way. What the next riveting story about Adam Lambert that does not have to do with sexuality? He will be as riveting as Madonna of the 80s and will come up with something new to talk about. Madonna was very business minded and had a penchant for coming up with something new and controversial in her days. I can see Adam Lambert doing the same thing.

I think the next big news about Adam Lambert will be WHAT HE WILL BE DOING AT THE SUMMER TOUR. IT WILL BE OUTRAGEOUS AND WILL SHOCK EVERYONE. Still a family friendly show but he will shock the fans and non fans. What will it be????

Go Adam! Finally, people should stop wondering about your sexuality (as if it matters to me). Adam showed his sexuality via photos of him kissing a man, holding hand with drake but there are people who still want their pound of flesh. They still want him to say it. (Personally,
Adam Lambert is gay
i wanted him to just show it rather than say but hey what every Adam wants i am fine with it.)