admits to breaks to relative’s house

admits to breaks to relative’s house

SALEM A Salem man, arrested last month after repeatedly entering the home of two relatives to take cash from their handbags, pleaded guilty Monday to breaking and entering in the nighttime.

Michael Kennedy, 48, of 62 Derby St., was given a suspended 2 1/2 year jail term in the case but also a series of conditions, including participation in the Salvation Armysubstance abuse treatment program and followup treatment, as well as random drug and alcohol tests and paying restitution to his family, during the next two years.

“Hope it works out for you,” Salem District Court Judge Robert Brennan told Kennedy during Monday’s hearing. “You’re getting up there. on the morning of Jan. 22.

An hour earlier, a relative who lives in North Salem had found Kennedy in her kitchen, prosecutor Erin Bellavia told the judge.

The woman told officers that she had already received a phone call from Kennedy’s wife,
admits to breaks to relative's house
warning her that he had left the house.

The family member said she went to the bathroom and then, when she opened the door, saw Kennedy standing in the kitchen again.

“Are you (expletive) kidding me?” the woman said she asked Kennedy. He immediately left.

Police noticed a set of keys in the lock that belonged to neither resident.

Officers found Kennedy at his home. He insisted that he’d been sleeping. But officers noticed that his hair and face were wet, surmising that it was from the rain.

Bellavia, citing Kennedy’s long record, asked Brennan to send him to jail for at least a year.

Kennedy’s lawyer, Thomas Gately, urged the judge to give his client probation, saying his client wants to continue treatment he began at the Middleton Jail, where he’s spent just over a month.

Gately said Kennedy wasn’t after money that night, only food because he had been spending all of his money on drugs and wasn’t eating.

Brennan agreed to a sentence that would allow Kennedy to start treatment, but warned him that he was retaining jurisdiction in the case and could send him back to Middleton Jail if he violates any of the conditions of probation during the next two years.
admits to breaks to relative's house