agencies move snow

agencies move snow

BEND, Ore. With so much snow accumulating in Central Oregon due to the recent storms, and a forecast of rain and warmer temperatures, regional officials, including ODOT, warned everyone Friday to be prepared for potential flooding in coming days.

in Central Oregon should be preparing for the next weather event, said ODOT Regional Manager Bob Bryant. snow will turn into water, lots of water, and that water will likely lead to flooding, and we need to begin preparing for that now. has already begun to anticipate flooding by removing as much snow as possible from US20 in Bend, along Third Street and Greenwood Avenue. This will help crews identify where the street drains are located and open them up for the coming thaw.

Beyond that, Bryant is advising business operators and homeowners to identify the potential for flooding and prepare for it by clearing drains or obtaining sandbags to prevent flooding where possible.

need to act now, Bryant said, with rising temperatures and rain in the forecast, the potential for highway and local flooding is on the rise. Central Oregon government agencies that have been operating a hotline for public information said late Friday they are transitioning calls from that hotline to 211.

The hotline number 541 322 6330 is no longer in service, and officials urge you to instead please call 211. Dispatchers at 211 have been prepared with necessary information.

The purpose of the 211 essential community services phone number is to help residents get questions answered about issues related to this storm. through January 20.

If it an emergency please call 911. If it a non emergency but you need police or fire assistance, call (541) 693 6911.

Agencies around the region are collecting sandbag materials that will become available for the public that needs them, if the situation develops, said city of Bend Communications Director Anne Aurand.

Agencies are planning staging areas and hours of operation, she said,
agencies move snow
expecting to release those details on Monday.

In the meantime, she advised, there are other ways people can work to protect their properties, even without sandbags.

Alternatives include straw bales and plastic sheeting, or garbage bags filled with dirt. Plastic sheeting and garbage bags can be secured to openings around doorways to keep water from getting in, and tires and plastic sheeting can be used to make a dam.

The city also listed some preparation tips, such as removing snow from the foundation of your home, and making sure there clear drainage to catch basins or drainage areas on your property. They advised to e careful not to dig drainage into your neighbors property.

Here the local governments joint news release on Big Melt

With record breaking snow buildup on the ground and warmer temperatures and rain forecasted for Monday and Tuesday, it time to prepare for a big melt off.

Rain on snow increases the possibility of flooding when storm drains and inlets are covered with snow, ice or slush. If the water can get into the storm drain, it can result in flooding.

The majority of our storm water system relies on infiltrating water to the ground. A very small section of town drains to the river. When we have large rain and snow melt events, the ground becomes saturated, and infiltration rates diminish.

The City of Bend

Streets and Operations Department crews and contractors are currently widening streets which will assist transportation ease as well as helping to clear storm drains. They will likely plow streets more than once in coming days.

Utility crews this weekend will also work to clear blocked storm drains.

The Utility Department is getting mobile pumps and Vactor trucks ready to pump high water areas. If required, detours and street closures may be necessary to manage flooded areas.

There are things you can do to protect yourselves and your property. The sooner the better.

This is very important. Everyone needs to play a part.

Before the weather turns warmer and wetter, residents can help prevent and prepare for anticipated flooding. Residents who feel safe doing so can help keep storm drain inlets and swales open by using a shovel or rake. You may need to do this more than once.

Direct melt off away from structures by creating paths. Remember water will travel from high points to low points by the easiest means possible. Given this, you may want create safe pathways for water flow and/or obtain sand bags now.

Keep an eye on your neighborhood storm drains (grates on the streets and inlets within a curb area) especially as rain nears. If it is safe to do so, continue to clear snow, ice and slush that may otherwise block your storm drain inlet to help prevent localized flooding.

Do not pull up manhole covers. This can create additional sanitary sewer flooding issues in addition to health and safety hazards. Call Utilities at 541 317 3000 (ext. 2 for storm drain issues) if you feel that lifting a manhole would relieve a flooding situation. An answering service will dispatch calls over the weekend and after hours to staff in the field.

And if things do take a turn for the worse, Bend police Lt. Clint Burleigh said, “We have sandbags and are planning staging locations at this time. We are hoping to have this information released as soon as possible.”
agencies move snow