How to Surface Mount Solder Using Solder Paste

How to Surface Mount Solder Using Solder Paste

The package type just indicates the components will look different and have the chip’s legs accessible in different styles.

This is a free hand soldering paste technique using a Hot Air Soldering Rework Station but you are more than welcome to make a stencil from OSH Stencils!

Questions, Concerns , Compliments, Feedback all welcomed:

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. SMD291SNL Chip Quik Solder Paste (recommended to use because it comes w/ a fine tip syringe)

2. PCB board (I’ll be using Adafruit’s SOIC 8 breakout board)

3. Components being soldered (I’m using the ATtiny85)

4. Fine tip tweezers

5. Hot Air Soldering Rework Station/ Or a skillet,
How to Surface Mount Solder Using Solder Paste
oven you feel comfortable using for SMD workStep 2: Find Something to Hold Down the PCB

I’ll be using my favorite vise the PanaVise 350 Multi Purpose Work Center.

However , use whatever works best for you (small vise, tape, wood,clamp etc)Step 3: Dispense Solder Paste Onto the Copper Traces

Squirt a line that spreads over the golden pads (copper pads)

Don’t worry about getting the solder paste on the blue part of the PCB (solder mask)

Once the board is heated the solder mask will repel the solder paste to shrink harden onto the copper padsStep 4: Apply Heat to the Board

I used a the Hot Air Soldering Rework Station Quick 957D under low air control at about 370C

Alternatives include kitchen : skillets and small ovens just use with caution and continuous monitoring

The solder paste go through transitions from liquid >dusty >shrinking till it finally hardensStep 5: Finished!
How to Surface Mount Solder Using Solder Paste

How to Plan the Perfect Disney World Vacation Your Family Deserves

How to Plan the Perfect Disney World Vacation Your Family Deserves

I’m a firm believer that everyone should get to go to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida at least once in their lives. It didn’t earn the title of “most popular vacation destination” for nothing, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

Of course there are theme parks and thrill rides, fairy tales and Disney characters. But you’ll also find Championship golf courses, world class restaurants and relaxing spas.

If you have decided that it’s finally time to take your loved ones on that vacation of a lifetime then here are some things you need to know to help you plan the perfect Disney World vacation.

1. The best time to go to Disney

The first thing you need to think about is the best time to visit Disney World. There are good points and bad points about pretty much every month of the year. From crowd levels and temperatures to special events, there are many things that you need to consider.

2. Whether to stay in a Disney World hotel or not

Once you’ve decided when to go to Disney World you need to think about where to stay. There are Disney World hotels to suit all budgets from the Value Resorts like the All Star Movies, through to the Moderates like Port Orleans Riverside and then the Luxury Resorts like the Animal Kingdom Lodge and the flagship Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.

Staying in a hotel onsite has many benefits including free transportation to the themeparks and extra Disney magic.

But there are times when it might be better for your family to stay in the local area. If your party is large then you might prefer to rent a private house with the luxury of a kitchen and your own swimming pool.

The amount of time you can spend on your vacation will depend on your budget and the amount of vacation leave you are allowed to take. It really doesn’t matter whether you are planning a weekend trip or whether you are lucky enough to stay for two or three weeks, you will always find something to do.

4. How to save money on Disney World tickets

If you plan to visit the theme parks then you will need to buy tickets. The ticket options are endless from one day passes to multi park hopper passes. You can add on water parks and extra days, and make sure they don’t expire.

Yes, you read that right, to secure the restaurants and the dining times you will need to get your planning completed and book those reservations 6 months ahead of your trip.

If you do want to test out as many restaurants as possible then you should consider adding the Disney Dining Plan to your package, paying for your food in advance can save you lots of money.

6. How to beat the crowds in the theme parks

Do you know the one thing that puts a dampener on my Disney vacations? Watching people standing in long lines looking tired and grumpy.

We don’t suffer that fate ourselves, in fact my husband and I very rarely spend longer than 20 25 minutes in lines. Over the years we’ve mastered the art of enjoying more attractions in one morning than most people dream of experiencing in a day. You just need to know a few tips and secrets.

A Disney World vacation isn’t like a trip to the beach.

Even when you know how to save money to make your vacation more affordable you will still have to pay for hotels and theme park tickets and food and souvenirs.

Don’t save long and hard to take your family to Disney World and then have an awful time standing in long lines and trying to find a restaurant that can fit you in.
How to Plan the Perfect Disney World Vacation Your Family Deserves

implementation overview

implementation overview

In this small article we will show you the possible way of deploying Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains for the market niche of large, mid size and small reselling and distribution business in carpeting and floor covering, textile fabric. We will not be talking about fabric production, but rather cutting for the end user or small retailer. Microsoft Great Plains itself in our case should be considered as a platform for light customization and modification. We TMll describe industry requirements and the way them to be implemented in Great Plains

Variable Length Rolls. Usually, when you place and order through your supplier ” there is no way to know exact length of the roll or bolt. It might have 75 yards or 80 yards ” you typically know the average length, say 77 yards and this is why you know what to expect in yards if you purchase 10 bolts

Inventory in Yards. When you receive the roll ” you need to place it into inventory in exact yards. Typical method is to assign lot number to the bolt and then associate the exact initial length in yards with this unique lot number. This is Great Plains Dexterity customization, which provides parallel unit of measure, associated with the lot number

Light Assembly. Bill of Materials would be probably too complex for cutting the fabric. This is why we suggest to deploy automatic inventory decrease and increase adjustments ” you decrease number of yards in the roll and increase your finished good in the number of units assembled

Meter / Yard challenge. If you purchase from the supplier in China, Mexico,
implementation overview
South East Asia or Europe ” they measure their rolls in meters, not yards ” so you need to implement automatic unit of measure translation and conversion. You resolve this on the level of your EDI ” electronic document interchange

Cut beds tracking to original roll. If you are assembling/cutting something like billiard table beds ” you would like them to be tracked to the original roll in the case of customer complaint. This means that you will have to assign the same or modified lot number to the cut bed

Inventory Count. You need to track what is the current length of the bolt/roll. This is realized via custom Dexterity table, having Item Number, Lot Number, Initial Length in Yards, Current Length in Yards

Customization Tools: Great Plains Dexterity ” this is Great Plains Dynamics programming language and development environment; Modifier with VBA ” will allow your modify Great Plains forms and attach VBA scripts to your custom buttons; SQL scripts and stored procedures ” low level database programming, excellent for the professional with profound GP tables structure and data flow knowledge.
implementation overview

How To Save Money While On Vacation

How To Save Money While On Vacation

A holiday does not have to cost you an arm and a leg if you know how to look for and take full advantage of the many exciting money saving offers that are available to you throughout the internet. Many companies offer specific online savings and packages that you cannot find anywhere else. These online savings and offers are available to you online only, so you will have to visit their websites to take advantage of them, and they are not made available to those who visit them offline.

Many travelers can enjoy a bundle of savings by booking hotel reservations, airline tickets, or car rentals online. Additionally, they can also find packages that will allow them to do many things they will enjoy for a fraction of the cost. These packages can often include many exciting attractions you can see within an area, hotel, transportation, and sometimes certain meals are included with in the packages. Packages are geared towards every interest, for example, they could be geared towards specific destinations world wide, such as Paris, Italy, Florida, Hawaii,
How To Save Money While On Vacation
and the like.

Other packages could be geared towards specific events or activities, such as hiking, camping, jungle adventures, cruises, singles events and trips, couples geared outings, musicals, major shopping trips, or site seeing in exciting new places. There are many websites on the internet that are available to you by simply using one of the many popular search engines. In addition, they offer advice on traveling, points of interest, and an easy to use online reservation request.

The internet has made it so much easier to plan a trip that the whole family can enjoy, you can plan your entire itinerary right on the internet and find some excellent travel and safety tips that you could use. If you need to purchase new items to take with you on your holiday you can also do that online with many special deals from online retailers that sell the products you need.

Take full advantage of all the internet has to offer by booking your entire holiday online and safe a ton of money in the process. After all a holiday is enjoyed so much more, when it is a bargain and money saving one. It will leave you more money to spend on necessities and fun things you want to do.
How To Save Money While On Vacation

How To Survive As A Clickbank Affiliate

How To Survive As A Clickbank Affiliate

Don’t you want to laugh at some of the ads you see. “Make easy money as a Clickbank affiliate”. Let me tell you, if it was that easy, 95% of all Internet marketers wouldn’t be failing at this business. So it’s time that somebody printed a Clickbank affiliate survival guide. Otherwise, life as a Clickbank affiliate can be a real nightmare.

Probably your biggest pitfall of being a Clickbank affiliate is your competition. What most people don’t realize is that they are not alone in this business. Clickbank probably has the largest affiliate base of any affiliate network on the internet. So if you are going to have a chance of succeeding, the first thing you want to do is not try to compete with others promoting the same product.

This is probably the easiest thing to avoid because of the tools that Clickbank gives you. The Clickbank marketplace may very well be the greatest thing to come to Internet marketing since the introduction of the autoresponder. At the Clickbank marketplace, you can see every product that is being sold and make an informed decision as to what products you want to sell. How do you do this? You do this by examining the stats.

The stats that Clickbank tracks are dollars per sale, percent per sale, percent referred and gravity. Let’s take them one at a time and point out what you’d like to see in each.

1. Dollars per sale is how much you will make on each sale. Ideally, you want to look for products that pay the most, especially if you are going to use Google Adwords to promote the products, which can really eat up profits quickly. But this is not the only thing you want to look for.

2. Percent per sale is the percent of each sale that the affiliate gets. Ideally, you want at least 50% on each sale. Some products pay as much as 75% or more. Of course, these products are more popular and harder to sell because of the competition.

3. Percent referred is the percentage of all sales that come from affiliates. This is a very important figure and usually coincides with the next stat. Ideally, you don’t want to compete with the products where 85 to 90% of the sales are coming from affiliates.

4. Gravity may be the most important stat to gauge the competition. This figure tells you roughly how many affiliates are promoting this product. You want to sell product with little competition, you want to look for gravity numbers under 20.

Ok, putting this all together, ideally, these are the numbers you want to look for:

Dollars per sale $25 or more

Percent per sale 50% or more

Percent referred Less than 70%

Gravity Under 20

Believe it or not, these products exist. You just have to find them. When you do, you have found products that you will have a decent chance of selling, especially if you use Google Adwords and mine long tail keywords. selling other people’s stuff!

Have you seen all the hucksters’ hype about ‘How to earn HUGE money on the ‘Net?’

It’s sickening! Most of them have never earned a dime online! They’re trying to sell you some gimmick, or ‘Internet Mall’ that won’t bring you 2 red cents.
How To Survive As A Clickbank Affiliate

How to Play MP4 Files on Windows Media Player XP

How to Play MP4 Files on Windows Media Player XP

MP4 File Extension

Most digital audio and video recorders in mobile phones and similar devices will save recorded videos in MP4 file format or file extension. People who enjoy video and audio streaming will notice that only certain media players can play MP4 files. By default, the Windows Media Player by Microsoft does not play the MP4 file type. You will receive an error message that the selected file has an extension that is not recognized by Windows Media Player with an option to continue to play, but you’ll receive another error message that Windows Media Player cannot play the file due to a corrupted file or because the player does not support the format.

Windows XP’s Windows Media Player 9, 10 and 11 will not play the MP4 file format. It can only play Windows media audio and video files extensions with aiff, asf, au, avi, midi, mp3, mpeg, wav, wmv and wma.

XP users will need a MP4 codec for Windows Media Player to view or listen to the MP4 file format. I have tried using the codec provided by Microsoft, but there’s no luck in playing MP4 files after a successful installation on a XP computer. Fortunately, there is K Lite Codec Pack, a third party code package that you can install for XP so that you can play MP4 files without downloading another media player program.

Installing K Lite codec pack is quite simple. Simply download any version of the codec pack from a free codecs website and save it on your desktop. Execute the downloaded file, e. g. You don’t have to worry about the settings, but I suggest putting a check in the box before “Windows Media Player” when you see the file association option during installation:Proceed by clicking Next, and then click Select all video and Select all audio so you don’t have to deal with the settings after the install process:

The icons for MP4 files that you have in Windows XP should now display the Windows Media Player icon on it:And you can now view MP4 files using Windows Media Player for XP!

Play MP4 for Vista and Windows 7

Windows 7 and Vista includes Windows Media Player version 11 and 12, respectively. Both programs can play MP4 on Windows Media Player, but the MP4 file extension is not, by default, associated with Windows Media Player.

You can simply associate the MP4 file extension with Windows Media Player so you don’t have to see the dialog box that says “Windows cannot open this file “:

Click Start and open Default Programs.

Click Associate a file type or protocol with a program.

Browse for Windows Media Player and then click OK. You should now have Windows Media Player as default media player for MP4 files.

Another method involves simply double clicking the MP4 file and then selecting Windows Media Player in the list of programs to open the file. This update for Vista enables playback of MP4 files.
How to Play MP4 Files on Windows Media Player XP

Importance of Packaging and Labeling in Pharmaceutical Industry

Importance of Packaging and Labeling in Pharmaceutical Industry

It is hard to imagine pharmaceutical industry without the contribution of packaging and labeling services. The products manufactured to resolve health issues would be of no use if they are not packed and labeled appropriately. Above just packaging and labeling what matters the most is their quality. It is vital for any pharma product that it remains in its original form and maintains it quality until it reaches the hands of end users. Packaging and labeling are two individual activities that have to be performed as per their significance.

For packaging operation, there are certain regulatory requirements that have to be fulfilled, such as suitability, safety, protection, compatibility, Quality Control, supplier and stability. Medicinal contents are often very sensitive towards external elements such as light and moisture. Hence, workers have to ensure that there are once the product is packed it is completely safe from direct exposure to light and moisture. Simultaneously, the worker also have to be concerned about the fact that the product is sealed properly so that it doesn get exposed to reactive gases like Oxygen, as this might lead to dangerous consequences. Moreover, if any leakage is found, it might result into loss of solvent and raise a question on sterility and closure integrity of the container.

Labeling on the other hand is one of the crucial factors that determines the safety and integrity of the product. This operation includes both printing on the carton and leaflets provided individually with the pharma products. The primary purpose of labeling is to make identification of the product clear and unambiguous. Just like packaging, there are certain guidelines and regulatory for printing on labels. If the service is unable to fulfill such requirements then certainly its services have failed to meet the set regulations and are not up to the industry standard.

There are few basic yet important information are printed on the labels which includes manufacturing date, expiry date, number of doses, composition, bar codes and several other related data. Each of them is important and even a small misprint can lead to dire consequences. Labeling information is important for both health care professionals and patients to prescribe and consume, respectively. This is crucial also because people have an obvious belief on medicinal company that they will provide right information on the product. Again, this is a dangerous sign.

The success and failure of any product depends on how they are presented to the end users, especially if it is a medicine. Certainly, packaging and labeling plays an important role in health care domain.
Importance of Packaging and Labeling in Pharmaceutical Industry

How to Select the Right Adobe Creative Suite 4 CS4 Package

How to Select the Right Adobe Creative Suite 4 CS4 Package

Design Standard and Premium

Targets designers working on developing rich interactive applications for print, web and mobile media. Adobe Design Premium comes with the following applications:

Design Standard comes with Adobe Photoshop CS4 not extended version. Design Standard does not include Flash, Dreamweaver or Fireworks. Those working with print media will go for the standard unless they work with interactive and Web media. US$400 separates the two packages not a bad deal for three major applications. The Web Standard and Premium editions don’t come with InDesign, the biggest difference between the two packages for those working with print. Adobe CS4 Design Premium retails for US$1799.

Web designers will want to look at Web Standard and Premium. Adobe Web Premium comes with the following:

Photoshop CS4 Extended Illustrator CS4 Flash CS4 Professional Dreamweaver CS4 Fireworks CS4 Soundbooth CS4 Contribute CS4 Acrobat 9 Pro

The biggest differences between the two Web editions are three applications. Standard does not come with any version of Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat Pro. Standard also omits Soundbooth, but it’s not a widely used application as the previously mentioned applications. Adobe CS4 Web Premium sells for US$1699, US$600 more than standard.

Adobe CS4 Master Collection is the “everything but the kitchen sink” package for people who just want it all.

InDesign CS4 Photoshop CS4 Extended Illustrator CS4 Flash CS4 Professional Dreamweaver CS4 Fireworks CS4 Contribute CS4 After Effects Adobe Premier Pro CS4 Adobe OnLocation CS4 Encore CS4 Soundbooth CS4 Acrobat 9 Pro

The price tag for all of Adobe’s CS4 applications is US$2499. The next most expensive is Design Premium, which costs $700 less. Design Premium doesn’t include Contribute, After Effects, Premiere, Soundbooth, OnLocation and Encore. AfterEffects alone costs $999, which more than makes up for the $700 difference unless you absolutely won’t use any of these multimedia and video production applications.
How to Select the Right Adobe Creative Suite 4 CS4 Package

How To Switch Hosting Providers Without Downtime

How To Switch Hosting Providers Without Downtime

Firstly there is this one important thing you need to remember, DO NOT TERMINATE YOUR EXISTING HOSTING ACCOUNT until the very last step. Go to your old hosting account and download all the files via FTP, and backup any databases in use. To do this you will need to create a temporary URL to the web site. A quick and easy way to do this is to create a sub domain of another URL and point it to your new web site by the way of mirroring. Your new host should have provided you with their DNS settings. If they have not,
How To Switch Hosting Providers Without Downtime
contact them and ask what addresses should be used for your domain name. If you registered the domain name through a registrar, you will need to login to their control panel and change the DNS servers there. During this waiting period your site will still be served from your old hosting account, as the DNS propogates your site will be served from your new host.

How to become a super affiliate

Insider Secrets Exploited by Only A Handful of Internet Marketers That Generate Thousands Even Tens of Thousands of Dollars Month After Month. With Tiny Subscriber Bases.
How To Switch Hosting Providers Without Downtime

How to Prepare a Loan Package

How to Prepare a Loan Package

Finding financing to start and expand a company is an age old problem, and most entrepreneurs find it to be one of the greatest struggles they face.

While the process can be time consuming, frustrating, and intimidating, if you are informed and well prepared, your chances of securing the needed capital are greatly increased.

In putting together a loan package, ask yourself the following basic questions. The answers to them and the information provided to back them up are essential to the lending decision and its speed.

1. What is the specific purpose of the loan?

Your lender or investor will review your financial requirements among three types of capital acquisition:

Working Capital: Used to meet fluctuating needs that will be repaid during the company’s next full operating cycle, generally one year.

Growth Capital: Used to meet needs that will be repaid with profits over a several year period (usually not more than seven years). If seeking growth capital, you will be expected to show how the money will be used to increase profits sufficiently to repay the loan in the agreed upon time frame.

Equity Capital: Used to meet permanent needs. Equity capital must be raised from investors who will take a risk in return for some combination of dividend returns, capital gains, or a specific share of the business

2. What amount of financing will support my needs?

Do not ask, how much can I borrow? Have enough existing capital so that, augmented by the loan, the business can operate on a sound financial basis. For new businesses, this includes sufficient resources to withstand startup expenses and the initial operating phase, during which losses are likely to occur. Be able to inject between one third and one half of the total capital required. If you plan to borrow equity from friends or relatives, determine what the repayment terms will be.

3. While the majority of these loans carry terms of three to seven years, some may extend over longer periods. For financial planning purposes, the entrepreneur should keep in mind that longer loan periods incur larger overall interest costs.

4. How will I generate sufficient cash flow to repay the loan?

Consider the situation from the lender’s point of view: if you were asked to lend someone money, you’d want assurance of being paid back in full, and in a timely manner.

5. What collateral can be utilized (if applicable)?

Estimate its value, and be ready to provide supporting appraisals.

6. Will the owners provide personal guarantees?

Having a comprehensive and well thought out business plan is essential in obtaining financing. In fact, without one, even stepping into the bank is pointless. To lenders or potential investors, a plan not only provides information and reveals your evaluation of your venture’s feasibility, but also reflects your management abilities. An analytical, objective business plan convinces lenders you are cautious, conservative, and capable. One that is poorly researched, makes unsupported assumptions, or draws unfounded conclusions shows you are inexperienced and in their eyes reckless. Lenders receive so many proposals that they cannot afford to spend much time evaluating each business plan. That means your plan has only a few minutes to make a good impression, and must therefore speak for itself as a sales tool. Detail their experience and the management and decision making structure. Also include an organizational chart and discuss other key personnel and their responsibilities.

Market Analysis/Marketing Strategy

You should be able to estimate how many customers you will have and how near they are to your location, as well as their age, family structure, lifestyle, disposable income, and purchasing habits. Explain why your product/service is desirable to them, the scope of your firm’s marketing and selling activities (including pricing policy), and what share of the market you will realistically be able to capture based on the industry analysis that follows.
How to Prepare a Loan Package