Neuroscience and a movie

Neuroscience and a movie

More than 400 Edmontonians dropped in for a free movie and popcorn served with a side of neuroscience at the Garneau Theatre on Thursday, Jan. 16.

a perfect geek date, said Danica Wolkow, a provincial co ordinator with Alberta Innovates Health Solutions in charge of organizing Science in the Cinema, an initiative that uses film to get the public engaged in science.

Thursday screening played the popular French film The Intouchables, directed by Oliver Nakache and Eric Toledano, where an aristocrat who became quadriplegic after a paragliding accident finds a renewed sense of life after injury thanks to an unlikely caretaker from the projects.

Hosted by Karim Fouad, a professor with the University of Alberta faculty of Rehabilitative Medicine, the film served as an uplifting tale of thriving after a spinal cord injury, as medical science has little to offer yet in the way of rehabilitation.

are still very limited in what we can do for a patient like this, said Fouad, who emphasized that while research is progressing, there is no bullet for patients paralyzed by spinal cord injury.

The U of A is home to North America only free standing faculty of Rehabilitative Medicine and has received international acclaim for advances in treatment options for spinal cord injuries.

Recent innovations and projects include the Smart e pants,
Neuroscience and a movie
which simulate how able bodied persons make minuscule movements and adjustments when sitting or lying down to keep blood flowing, helping reduce the risk of pressure ulcers or bedsores that can pose significant health risks to patients with reduced mobility.

Meanwhile, researchers with the university invented the science behind state of the art robotic arms that provide the sensation of touch and position, as well as developing micro scale devices that interact with the spinal cord and have the potential to restore a paralyzed patient ability to walk or stand on robotic legs.

But while these developments are impressive, Fouad warns there is a huge difference between something that works in theory or in the laboratory and something that is ready to be applied bedside.

is not necessarily always a step forward, said Fouad, citing early research that focused almost solely on reconstruction to restore a patient to their pre injury condition through drastic intervention without understanding the full complexities of the nervous system.

burned 20 years and it really didn turn out that great, said Fouad, adding, success for treatments of stroke or spinal cord injury that really translated to the bedside is not a success story. We have not got many treatments. research has been focused on filling in the gaps of knowledge left by previous research to explore possibilities of finding more natural processes that could prove valuable for rehabilitation or restoring some function.

Fouad also says there has been a renewed focus on improving the quality of life for these patients, who often find the lack of options for recovery frustrating.

we want to repair it somehow. We want to restore it as much as we can, said Fouad. good to dream big. in the Cinema proves a valuable tool in connecting the public with science that is taking place right in their backyard, and Fouad hopes they walk away with a better understanding of the scientific process and respect for the complexity of the nervous system and human body as a whole.
Neuroscience and a movie

New EU replica laws makes cheap designer furniture a CRIMINAL offence

New EU replica laws makes cheap designer furniture a CRIMINAL offence

Versions of the Eames chair are currently available for less than 500, but these copies will be banned, meaning people would have to pay 5,000 for an original.A 250 replica Arco Floor lamp, like one owned by David and Samantha Cameron, would be taken off the shelves and the PM would have to pay 1,200 for an authentic product.However, a legal challenge has forced the government to fast track it to April 28 this year. This is despite complaints the short period would cause ‘disproportionate harm’.Companies will have six months to sell their stock from this date.The changes have been backed by the likes of Sir Terence Conran and Vitra, a Swiss based company which is licensed to produce many of these classic designs. Vitra’s view is that if a law is changed for sound, logical, legal reasons,
New EU replica laws makes cheap designer furniture a CRIMINAL offence
why wait another five years to enforce it?’We merely wanted the UK to conform to EU laws as quickly as possible after the government agreed that EU IP laws had to be adhered to in the UK.’The originals that we stand for are certainly superior to a copy. A design classic has a history and an added emotional value.’Many of those whose businesses are at risk, as well as important cultural institutions and the consumer, have no idea of what is about to hit themProfessor Lionel Bently, an intellectual property expert at Cambridge University, is one of a number of legal academics who are critical of the change.He said: ‘The repeal of section 52 was targeted at those who produce replicas of classic furniture but lots of other interests are in fact going to be affected by it.’Even with respect to replica furniture makers, importers and sellers, the process has been far from satisfactory. The Government has flip flopped over the length of the proposed transitional period from five years to six month for fear of being sued.’They are scared of being sued and that seems to be a strange way to go about determining appropriate and proportionate protection of the established property rights and legitimate expectations of third parties.’ARCO FLOOR LAMP BY ACHILLE PIER GIACOMO CASTIGLIONIReplicas can currently be bought for between 150 and 250An authentic lamp first produced by Flos in 1962 will now cost around 1,400.Ivan Macquisten, ECHO campaign adviser, said: ‘While ECHO members have been aware for some time of the threat to their livelihoods, others affected are only just waking up to the far reaching consequences of this law change.
New EU replica laws makes cheap designer furniture a CRIMINAL offence

Nasty germs can lurk in many places

Nasty germs can lurk in many places

FAIRBANKS Wash your hands. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says this is one thing we can do to protect our health. If you have been washing your hands on a regular basis for the 20 seconds required to get rid of germs, good for you. However, there are so many things in our immediate vicinity that have more germs than you might imagine.

Let’s say you have diligently washed as you left the bathroom. For most of us ladies, the next thing we pick up is our purse. Recent research has shown that many purses carry more bacteria than the average toilet. Twenty percent of all handbags carry enough bacteria to be a threat to our health.

Your purse comes into regular contact with your hands, the floor and other places with germs and is rarely cleaned. A dirty bag transfers germs to your clean hands and the cycle continues. In particular, leather bags are an ideal environment for bacteria because they have a spongy surface that absorbs and hides germs.

When you are eating at a restaurant, the only place to put your purse seems to be on the floor or on the table. Now, you can buy little hooks that slip over the edge of a restaurant table and suspend your purse where it doesn’t touch the floor, but it isn’t on the table. It keeps your purse cleaner and doesn’t spread bacteria that might be present on your purse to the table where you are eating.

What’s inside the bag is another challenge. According to recent research in Medical News Today, hand cream containers are the dirtiest and most infected items carried in the handbag. Then we spread those germs around by rubbing the hand cream on our hands. It might be time to throw out your bottle and start a new one.

Take a few minutes and clean your bag. Wash it off with a cleaner that is safe for the material and then disinfect it with antibacterial wipes.

There are many other places where bacteria lurk. Think first about your kitchen countertops. After all, where do we set those handbags? I have a friend who won’t allow a purse on her countertop or dining table. Smart lady. Many kitchen counters have

dangerous levels of coliform bacteria that were deposited there by carriers such as your purse or hands. Countertops should be washed first to remove the soil, then sanitized regularly.

Think about the keyboard on your computer, especially if lots of hands are using it. I took a quick look at mine and headed for the cleaner. It was positively grimy. How to clean keyboards without breaking anything is a real challenge. First, unplug the computer so there is no power. Start by gently dusting the keyboard with a soft brush, then follow up with compressed air that can be purchased at an office supply store. Now that the keyboard is cleaner, it is time to take care of the germs. Dip a paper towel or cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol. Rub it over the surface of the keys and between the keys. It isn’t necessary to have the towel soaking wet, only damp. The alcohol evaporates quickly, so it doesn’t harm the keyboard.

Phones are another overlooked surface. Both cellphones and land line phones need regular cleaning to work properly. Clean the dirt off first, then use alcohol on a paper towel as described for the keyboard.

When was the last time you wiped down your staircase rail? Everyone’s hands go there, dirty or clean. A quick wipe with a disinfectant spray on a paper towel will do the job.

We think we’ve gotten the largest part of the germs in our homes if we keep the bathroom immaculate and our hands clean. However, germs lurk everywhere. Think about those forgotten germs and get rid of them. You’ll be healthier for it.

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Nasty germs can lurk in many places

New Ralink Drivers for Hackintosh

New Ralink Drivers for Hackintosh

It would be very useful if someone could explain here what the new WirelessUtilityCardbusPCI options are (some illustrated guide). It runs and connects smoothly, but I had to enter the BIOS again in order to get the MAC address for the card. I have added the new AwakeRalinkUI to my login items and have left there the old/new WirelessUtilityCardbusPCI. What I like is that the utility pane is now fully minimizable. it is not needed to disable/enable the WiFi off and on. The ugly icon has gone and the Wireless Utility has two new panes I would like to know more about. I have tried to find a guide with no success.

Maybe I was not clear in my statement. I got the Wi Fi enabled in BIOS. I just enter there, and exit with no action because I noticed before this drivers’ update that if I do that the MAC field in the Ralink utility is left empty and it is not possible to connect to the router. Well, I will try now not entering there to see if this has changed or if this was not true at all. 😉 The other thing is that I don’t had this script before and the current drivers came as big relief. OK, I will try and report. Could you investigate the insanelymac link (above) and tell us what you think about it?

OK, here is a small script I permuted some times ago to a bundled app, so it loads on login and kills the ugly Ralink popping UI. I use lot of Spaces and do lot of multitasking, so having the ugly Ralink window on every login was a real nightmare. This may be useful to someone still using like me the default Wi Fi card Feel free to improve!

Unpack and put wherever you want it to be and add it to your Login Items in Account Preferences. Ticking or unticking Hide does not have effect as this UI less app. Enjoy! The next time OS loads it will wipe it to the Dock.

Putting an alias on the Desktop or adding a keyb key to it is even smarter, as the nasty Ralink is always there waiting to resurrect from Dock or escaping under your fingetips!
New Ralink Drivers for Hackintosh

Nevada County DA took

Nevada County DA took

Hard money brokers targeted Nevada County because it had become a magnet for retirees and others with hefty nest eggs. At the peak, hundreds of local investors put up about $130 million for such loans, according to public records and brokers. Lester’s business alone raised $40 million from people who were eager to get in on real estate appreciation and construction projects. Their money was pooled into loans with extraordinarily high interest and fees, often provided to borrowers who did not qualify for bank loans.

In August 2010, the Department of Real Estate accused Lester of serious violations of real estate law on a number of loans other than Haidle’s. Among the charges: Money went missing from his investor trust funds. He improperly loaned investor funds to his own development company, the Linx Group. He failed to ensure that customers didn’t invest more than 10 percent of their assets a safeguard to protect investors. He failed to place construction funds into an escrow account managed by a third party.
Nevada County DA took

New evacuations ordered as Napa County wildfires grow

New evacuations ordered as Napa County wildfires grow


“In the interest of life safety, it has become necessary to expand and implement the CalFire Mandatory evacuation for the entire city of Calistoga,” the sheriff’s office said.

Earlier Wednesday, officials went through the town of 5,000 block by block, knocking on doors to warn about 2,000 people to leave due to the nearby Tubbs Fire.

Residents were asked to use Highway 29 south or take Silverado Trail south to Zinfandel Lane then west to Hwy. 29 south to get out of the city.

A shelter has been set up at American Canyon High School.

Parts of Geyserville in Sonoma County were told to evacuate Wednesday evening as another wildfire, the Pocket Fire, moves south.

An evacuation advisory was issued for parts of the city of Napa. Residents in the following areas are included in the advisory: East of Silverado Trail, between Trancas Street and Soscol Avenue, East of Soscol Avenue between Siverado Trail and West Imola Avenue, East of HWY 221between West Imola Avenue and HWY 29, East of HWY 29 between HWY 221 and Jameson Canyon Road, North of Jameson Canyon Road between HWY 12 and the Napa/Solano County line.

No mandatory evacuations have been issued for the city of Napa.

At least 3,500 homes and businesses have been destroyed by wildfires burning in the Napa Valley wine country as crews work to get ahead of changing weather conditions to contain the different wildfires.

The big concern Wednesday is a shift in the wind direction, bringing some winds out of the north and pushing the flames in the direction where there is unburnt fuel.

The Atlas Fire is the largest of the six fires burning in Napa Valley, which includes the Tubbs Fire, burning in Napa and Sonoma counties,
New evacuations ordered as Napa County wildfires grow
and the Nuns Fire, burning in Sonoma County. that 380 people were still missing after more than 670 missing persons reports were filed in the county. Wednesday. Winds are predicted to be volatile and gusty, Fairfield police said.

A voluntary evacuation was ordered for all residents living in the Fairfield neighborhood of Eastridge, Fairfield police said Wednesday afternoon.

“Residents on the west side of Interstate 80 should be prepared to evacuate if it becomes necessary,” police said.

Residents in Eastridge and Rancho Solano were encouraged to pack a “ready to go” bag earlier in the day with all essential papers and medicines, and should be prepared to leave on short notice, police said. No mandatory evacuation orders have been issued.

The fire remained active overnight, especially along Highway 121, where it was seen consuming structures. More than 178 homes and businesses have already been destroyed by the Atlas Fire.

Of the 21 people killed in wildfires across Northern California, two died in the Atlas Fire, officials said.

The blaze has prompted several school closures, including classes at Solano Community College in Fairfield, which is being used as an evacuation shelter for people escaping the flames. About 100 people are being helped at the shelter set up by the Salvation Army.

Fairfield and Suisun Valley schools are also closed on Wednesday.

Several Bay Area professional sports teams the San Francisco 49s, the Oakland A’s, the San Jose Earthquakes, the San Francisco Giants, the Oakland Raiders, the San Jose Sharks and the Golden State Warriors have combined to donate $450,
New evacuations ordered as Napa County wildfires grow
000 to support the fire relief efforts in the North Bay.



The internet has been blamed for so much: for ruining small businesses, for disconnecting us from one another, for overpopulating our minds and minimizing our attention. But for Natasha, and a little town in Maine called Norway, it has brought the opportunity to thrive.

Natasha started making her bags several years ago, and quickly began selling them online to people and vendors around the world. She chose picturesque Norway, with a tiny and relatively unglamorous Maine Street, to become the retail and production epicenter of her handbag business. Perhaps, because of the internet, a good product now means more than it’s location. Beauty can be sent, created, and found anywhere you can imagine.

Primarily, I’m a problem solver. I solve design problems. And I really enjoy puzzles. That’s how it all started. I’ve always enjoyed puzzles, I was obsessed with Sudoku for a while. And design is a puzzle. Especially some of the designs I do that are multi functional. I have bags that transform into a backpack. And I find that puzzle just keeps on giving. I’m continually looking for a better way for a bag to turn into a backpack. It fascinates people, they love that they can pick up a backpack and just pull on strap and it’s a backpack.


Well, six or seven years ago, I sold my two businesses. My two fine dining restaurants in Portland’s Old Port. And that afforded me a year and a half of play time. I often think everyone should have that; everyone should have that every ten years. A year to just really be on a sabbatical. I took that year to just really to look within, bring it down to baseline of what I enjoy doing. I wasn’t even thinking of opening a business. And I hadn’t sewn anything in 25 years. I think I had an old sewing machine. I started sewing little fabric bags, and my sister in California thought they were fabulous, ordered 12 and sold them all to her friends. Another friend told me about Etsy, so I put one on Etsy and I sold it in 30 minutes. I was hooked. I thought, “Oh, I can make things and sell them. That’s really fun!” I just wanted to do something that would entail continual problem solving. Being able to manipulate a three dimensional object on an ongoing basis. Some of my designs are on prototype number 40. I keep improving and changing.


I made bags and sold them for three years by myself. I was shipping bags all over the world to Australia, Japan and I was making them all myself. And at one point, I was 18 weeks behind in production. That’s when I started hiring stitchers and bringing them through an internship program to teach them to stitch. I started building my team. I now have about ten people. Putting the team together happened organically. The first person I hired had a dozen years experience sewing bags. I just put an ad on Craigslist. I hired much more for personality than ability because you can tell when you meet someone if they have the ability to focus. If you have the ability to focus, you can learn anything.


Very recently. I had decided to build on my property for production space for the company. I was halfway through the loan process. Then, I heard about this space in Norway. My husband found it, and I thought “Absolutely not. Why would anyone want to do retail when I have two websites that are keeping me busy eighteen hours a day?” I refused to even look at it. I woke up the next morning and I said, “I hope it’s not too late. Of course! It’s a brilliant idea!” And so we rushed over here and looked in the window, and it felt really right. And I took both available retail spaces in downtown Norway. We do all the design and finish work here, but the actual stitching happens in the sewer’s own personal studios. For me,
the whole other part of the business is my team and how we all work together and support each other. I feel like I really support them, and I know every minute of everyday that I could not do this without them. I couldn’t do this without their focus and attention to detail. They were like that when I hired them, I didn’t train them to be that way. It’s an integrity.


What first pops into my head is that there is always a place for beautiful things. I was thinking the other day about what motivates people. What do people really want? People love beauty. It’s why people take that second job. People want beauty in their life. Beauty might be represented by that cottage on the lake. Or a cashmere blanket. Or an amazing bottle of champagne. There are certain beautiful things that we covet. And those things cannot be made by a factory. Eventually, maybe, they can be. But they have to be started by an artist, somebody who doesn’t care about time. That’s how craft starts. I’m running a business here, so I do what makes sense for the business. I do what allows me to create a product, that can be sold, that creates dollars that can go back into the business, which can generate more ability to do more creative things. What motivates me towards growth is that it allows me to design in a bigger format. It allows me better leathers, better rivet machines. I never think small. Craft doesn’t have to be small. If I’m not growing, I’ve lost interest.


Oh, I was born with it. I’m materials driven. Just as I was a chef for 18 years, I would look at the ingredients and they would tell me exactly what needed to happen. And if I didn’t listen, I would make a muddy, over worked meal. And so I pick up a leather and I really listen to what it’s supposed to be doing. Every material has a specific message. I’m also fierce when it comes to my aesthetic. I’m abhorrent of deign that means nothing. My biggest pet peeve is a buckle with a magnet behind it. To me, that is the worst! I don’t like function that is not truly functional. The form has to evolve from the function. My designs are very simple. People tell me they’ve never seen anything like it. It’s because I had never made a handbag before. If you start out at zero, you’ll come up with something completely different. If you clear your mind of all preconceptions, you’ll come out with something completely different.

It comes to my mind instantly. That all the people around me find their blissful place. That all the people around me know their importance.


Well, I’ve always thought I’ve wanted more time. But if I really wanted more free time, I would have created it by now. I just turned fifty a couple days ago. I have yet to create free time. I’m beginning to realize that this new venture, it’s not so much free time that I need, but just to continue to grow and be challenged.


Appreciation. I’m always re learning the lesson of appreciation. My husband of 10 years threw me a surprise birthday party. Which he very well knows, that any surprises of any kind are jarring to me. But the lesson I learned was, it’s not about me. My lesson is to always get out of my head and see what people are giving me. All the people in my life are so supportive.

The first moment, the morning. Waking up. All the time, the possibility. Anything you want to do, you can. As the minutes tick by, it’s like, “Oh no! This day is ending!”.

New Volkswagen T

New Volkswagen T

What’s not to like about a small, Golf sized Volkswagen SUV? Well, two things actually: the hard plastics on the dash and the price with the two intrinsically linked. That aside, the T Roc is a stylish car that’s great to drive, a nice size and with plenty of tech on board. But those plastics are very un VW like, while the prices are a bit too Audi like.Volkswagen, of course, has had plenty on its mind recently, but with theSUVbandwagon showing no signs of slowing, there’s still plenty of time to jump on. And jump on Volkswagen has with theT Roc, a car that’s also supposed to usher in a new level of emotion among the brand’s cars.Best crossovers on sale right nowNow your, our and Volkswagen’s definition of emotion will probably vary, but in this case it means a small SUV that features some cute design touches like LED daytime running lights that surround what look like lower air intakes beneath the main headlights. They double up as indicators, switching colours between white and amber.There are also some of the sharpest creases along the flanks and across the bonnet that you’ll see (they’re hugely difficult to engineer, apparently), and what Volkswagen calls a Bi Colour option with four different roof colours to mix and match with eleven main body colours. Oh, and you can also choose splashes of colour across the dash and on the seats. For Volkswagen, this is emotion turned up to eleven.The proportions of the T Roc are already familiar, with the same wheelbase asAudi’sQ2(T Roc’s in house rival) but overall length just a smidge longer. To our eyes, the T Roc is slightly the more attractive of the two and we haven’t said that about a VW and Audi match up for a while.Underneath is the ubiquitous MQB platform, opening up the T Roc to the usual array of engines, safety kit, connectivity and autonomous tech you’ll find elsewhere in the group. The T Roc doesn’t lead on any of those scores, but it packages it all up nicely and makes it easy to use.Also easy to understand are the engine choices: three petrol and two diesel, with 114, 148 and 188bhp options on the petrol side in 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 litre sized or 114 and 148bhp choices for the 1.6 and two 2.0 litre diesels.For our first test we’ve been given the range topping petrol, which, until the rumoured 300bhpT Roc Rturns up, is as hot as it gets. And it’s not bad with 0 62mph gone in a claimed 7.2 seconds. You’re better off having the drive mode set to sport to achieve that the combination of engine, DSG gearbox and 4motion four wheel drive means acceleration is a little hesitant in normal mode.Of the available drive modes,
New Volkswagen T
there’s also eco for obvious reasons, but we’d delve into the individual setting where you can choose sport mode to improved shifts and throttle response, the same to sharpen the steering slightly (not that it’s overly slack in comfort, just more, well, comfortable) but leave the suspension in comfort.The sport setting will leave you wincing slightly over the worst jolts in the road (although our car was on optional 19 inch wheels), but comfort is more pliant, while still keeping you in touch with the state of the surface it’s a nice blend of luxury and control.With its compact proportions, darty performance and nicely judged ride, the T Roc is a great companion around town. It’s easy to judge where the four corners are, visibility is good and all the controls easy to use. It looks good as you catch a reflection in shop windows, too.Things are pretty quiet on a cruise although our test car suffered a bit of noise as air rushes around the big mirrors and bashes on the side window. That has to be put in context with the silence from pretty much everything else, though.The T Roc also does the family stuff pretty much as well as a Golf, if not a touch better with slightly raised seating positions all round. A six foot tall passenger can sit behind a six foot tall driver in comfort, while the boot offering 445 litres (versus 380 litres in a Golf) is a nice square shape with a level loading lip.Given our experience with the Q2, we’d be intrigued to try the T Roc with the 114bhp 1.0 litre three cylinder engine it might just be the pick of the range (although you can’t get it with an auto box) especially when it comes down to price.The range will start at 20,425 for a 1.0 litre car. Our 2.0 litre Sport model with its healthy smattering of tech on board including an excellent eight inch touchscreen, digital Active Display in front of the driver, Dynamic Chassis Control with adaptive dampers, plus those upgraded wheels, Beats audio system (recommended for impressive detail and punch) and tech like adaptive cruise and self parking is expected to retail at (take a seat) over 35,000. Ouch.And here comes an even bigger surprise Much as the T Roc is built well, touch the dash or door tops and you’ll find a hard plastic that produces a hollow tap when you knock it rather than the expected dull thud from a soft touch dash. Horror upon horrors; you get better interior quality in aPolo. For a while we thought we’d stepped into aSkoda.Volkswagen says it’s on par with rivals and that people in its customer clinics didn’t mind. But when the range could get close to 40,000 with options, we do. Let’s hope this isn’t the sign of things to come from Volkswagen.At the lower end of the price range, that quality issue won’t matter quite so much, but aPeugeot 2008interior (and arguably exterior) is much nicer as are others. For many, though, the idea of a small, sexy SUV from Volkswagen will be enough for them to sign on the dotted line and we wouldn’t blame them one bit.
New Volkswagen T

New alert system launches in St

New alert system launches in St

But the efforts undertaken to alert the public about that hazard bear little resemblance to how a similar situation would be handled a quarter century later, said Dewey Johnson, emergency management coordinator for St. Louis County.”Things have changed since Toxic Tuesday,” he said.The Northland Alert system, announced at a news conference Wednesday, can send text messages with emergency details and instructions to every cellphone in a set location. And, unlike previous alert systems, it does not require an opt in from individual users.”This is really designed for us to get our message out to the public when we need people to evacuate or shelter in place,” Johnson said.The alerts are handled by St. The cities of Duluth, Hermantown, Hibbing and Virginia are also partners in the venture.Johnson said the system will only be utilized in critical situations, such as extreme weather, flooding or a wildfire, when lives are potentially in danger. The alerts will be sent to cellphones en masse, similar to Amber Alert notifications.An optional subscription service also exists, allowing users to request additional alerts on weather, road closures, water and gas outages and other incidents that do not require immediate emergency action.Duluth Deputy Fire Chief Shawn Krizaj, who doubles as an emergency manager, said the city received some criticism for not spreading timely information during the July 2016 storm that caused widespread power outages and wind damage.Krizaj said the reality is that frequent updates were sent through existing methods such as news releases and social media but those don’t always make it to people in a timely manner.
New alert system launches in St

New information shows suspects were trying to rob homicide victim

New information shows suspects were trying to rob homicide victim

NEWARK New information obtained by The Advocate shows the four suspects arrested in a Saturday morning homicide targeted their victim because they believed he had cancer.

In court documents released to The Advocate on Tuesday, Detective Steve Vanoy details steps taken in the investigation to identify and locate the two juveniles and two adults ultimately charged in the death of 48 year old David Barcus.

According to the documents, detectives were able to gather surveillance camera footage from a home just down the street from 70 Cherry Street, where Barcus was staying.

Detectives also found a cell phone partially covered with snow in the path of where the suspects were seen running following the shooting on Saturday morning.

Social media posts also helped police identify 20 year old Tyler Ocasio, 21 year old Dustin Lehoe and 16 year old Dylan Warren as possibly being involved in the shooting.

Fifteen year old Jaden Osborn was able to be identified through other witnesses and had reportedly admitted to family members to being at the Cherry Street home.

Osborn reportedly told detectives initially he was not present but had talked to some of the people involved. After being confronted, he then admitted to being with Ocasio, Lehoe and Warren to “hit a lick,” street terminology for robbing someone.

According to the investigative documents, they were planning to rob Barcus because he supposedly had cancer and they would be able to obtain “prescription drugs and/or several thousand dollars.”

The Licking County Coroner’s Office said no obvious evidence of cancer was found during Barcus’ autopsy. Police reported that a “small amount” of money was stolen from the residence.

Osborn and Warren both told police, according to the documents, Ocasio had kicked in the side door of the home and Ocasio and Lehoe had gone into the basement area of the home.

Warren admitted to police to carrying a 9 millimeter handgun and pointing it at a woman inside the residence when she tried to see what was going on. Osborn did not go into the home, but stayed outside the door as a lookout, according to statements.

Detective Steve Vanoy noted in his investigative summary that Osborn and Warren both had matter of fact reactions to being caught on surveillance video. He said both showed humor and a lack of remorsewhen discussing the incident.

After Lehoe and Ocasio were arrested at a home in the Columbus area, Lehoe reportedly denied shooting anyone but did not deny being at the home. He and Ocasio both ultimately asked to speak with attorneys. Saturday morning.

“In the end,
New information shows suspects were trying to rob homicide victim
Dylan explained he had been previously over at (a person’s) apartment with Tyler, Dustin and Jaden, when one of them or a couple of them . mentioned robbing a subject of his ‘bread’ (money),” Vanoy wrote. “He would later say he thought one of them also mentioned the victim having valium.”

After the shooting, Osborn said he ran in a different direction than the other three suspects, who fled together.

Warren told Vanoy someone had fired multiple gunshots at them as they fled the area on foot.

“Bullets were basically just missing them as they ran,” Vanoy wrote. “(Warren) said he ended up pointing his firearm back in the general direction of the victim’s home . and started firing off multiple shots.”

Vanoy said several of those shots ended up in a neighboring residence. No one inside that home was injured.

Warren was later examined by medics after telling police he had been shot by a .380 caliber weapon on Saturday evening, hours after the homicide occurred. It was later determined he had been shot with some type of BB gun, but Warren would not provide detectives with any other information about what led to his injury.

In the investigative report, it was noted that a 9 millimeter shell casing was located on the bed where Barcus was shot. Warren admitted to carrying a 9 millimeter handgun, later hiding it under a pile of snow, and the firearm was later retrieved and was found with Lehoe and Ocasio at the time of their arrest.

Ballistics testing has not been completed to determine if that weapon is the one that fired the fatal shot.

All four suspects have been charged in the death of Barcus. Lehoe and Ocasio have both been charged with aggravated murder and could potentially face the death penalty.

Warren and Osborn have both been charged with delinquency counts of complicity to murder, complicity to aggravated murder, complicity to aggravated burglary and complicity to aggravated robbery. The Licking County Prosecutor’s Office has filed paperwork to transfer the cases so they both can be tried as adults.
New information shows suspects were trying to rob homicide victim