Akron toddler dies outside in the cold

Akron toddler dies outside in the cold

AKRON Akron police are investigating the death of a 2 year old girl. The toddler was found out in the cold on her front porch.

The frantic mother called 911 after discovering her 2 year old unresponsive on their front porch.

“You’re gonna carefully tilt the head back, you’re gonna pinch her nose closed and completely cover her mouth with your mouth and blow two regular breaths into the lungs,” says an Akron dispatcher on the 911 call.

“I cried because I just don’t understand how a two year old could be outside and you not know,” said neighbor Crystal Lucas.

Lucas says the woman who lives in the apartment kept to herself and had two children, the 2 year old girl and a boy. She was surprised when police officers knocked on her door.

“It was freezing and that was my biggest worry when the cops came, when they started asking about the kids, they didn’t divulge what was really going on, but when he asked about the kids, obviously something was going on and I was worried,” Lucas said.
Akron toddler dies outside in the cold

Akron Beacon Journal

Akron Beacon Journal

She’s dealing with heart failure, but doing well on her meds. I am 70, an only child, married, retired and live six hours away.

We go to see her four times a year and stay for a week in our RV. We talk on the phone once a week and email a couple times in between phone calls.

Mom says she’s staying in her house as long as she is able. She has nice neighbors who will do anything for her, plus a lawn/snow service. We have told her she’s welcome to come live with us, but she loves her independence and has the cat to take care of.

She goes to her church group, senior citizens group and gets her nails done every three weeks. She’s busier than I am socially. But I feel consumed by guilt that she’s so far away and afraid that each visit may be our last.

My husband says he isn’t moving, and he has his own activities and health issues. He doesn’t want to stay with Mom more than a week because we end up watching QVC with her all afternoon. When we left last week, she said,
Akron Beacon Journal
“My friends told me I hardly ever see you, and I hope you can come more often.”

I don’t know what to do. Am I doing enough? We pay her taxes and phone/cable/internet and any big bills (car repairs). But I’m not there to drop in the way most of her friends’ children do, who never moved away after high school. GUILT RIDDEN IN MARYLAND

DEAR GUILT RIDDEN: You are doing as much as you can for your mother. Her friends should not judge because their family situations are not the same as yours. You stated that you email her in between phone calls. Ask your mother if she would be open to video chatting (Skype, FaceTime, etc.) in between those phone calls. That way you could see each other’s faces, and it might help her feel less distant from you. We lost our car, our home and filed bankruptcy. Thankfully, we now have some savings and no debt other than our new home.

It has been 10 years since we had a real vacation, so we are planning a cruise. My problem is I mentioned it to some friends and family members. Four of them have now asked us to bring back souvenirs for them. I feel it’s presumptuous. I don’t want to spend my vacation running around buying other people stuff.

Am I being overly sensitive or are they being impolite? And how can I politely refuse? FRUSTRATED IN THE USA

DEAR FRUSTRATED: You are not overly sensitive. Tell those folks that your excursion schedule will be tight and you won’t have time to do much shopping even for yourselves. It’s the truth, I’ll bet.
Akron Beacon Journal

Air monitoring website blowing in soon

Air monitoring website blowing in soon

Real time air monitoring in the Sarnia area is coming soon to a website near you.

A coalition of First Nations, environmental and health branches of government, the City of Sarnia, and local industries under the banner of Clean Air Sarnia and Area (CASA) have been collaborating for two years to improve air monitoring in the Sarnia area and make the data more easily accessible.

Using seven air monitoring stations that cover parts of Sarnia and Aamjiwnaang First Nation, the website plan calls for hourly updates on air quality, including tracking harmful compounds like sulphur dioxide and benzene, while also tracking particulate matter, giving access to archived data and showing how the area air quality compares with the rest of the province.

it is real time, that great, said Aamjiwnaang Chief Joanne Rogers.

The First Nation environment committee and other community members have been part of the CASA discussions.

hear so often our community members saying don know what going on, she said, adding think that a good tool for us to have. third party is developing the site for the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) led project, and the ministry and the Sarnia Lambton Environmental Association (SLEA) a non profit cooperative made up of 20 local industries are working together to cover operational costs and network improvements, a ministry spokesperson said.

The data is colour coded red, yellow and green, so it easier to interpret when there a problem versus when everything is normal, said Katarina Ovens, a spokesperson with the City of Sarnia.

The seven stations range from LaSalle Line near Corunna, to just south of the Sarnia Golf and Curling Club, she said.

They have different capabilities, said Dean Edwardson, general manager of SLEA.

Some track meteorological data, others can monitor various compounds. At least one dates back to 1952, he said.

think it timely and we looking forward to moving forward with that, he said about the CASA website project.

The collaborative also includes Health Canada, Lambton Public Health, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and Walpole Island First Nation.

Similar websites have been set up in other Ontario communities, said Bryan Prouse, operations manager with the City of Sarnia.

Sarnia version has been under development since early in 2017, said Lindsay Davidson, a spokesperson with Ontario Environment Ministry, in an email.

Plans are also to hold focus groups and improve the website as needed, based on user feedback, officials said.

Network tests are planned in 2018 to see if there adequate monitoring coverage, said Teresa Lannin, another spokesperson with the Environment Ministry.

A new volatile organic compound analyzer was recently installed and another is coming soon, she said.

The announcement comes amid renewed attention to emissions from Sarnia Chemical Valley. Ontario Environment Minister Chris Ballard recently committed to revive a defunct community health study, and has proposed tighter restrictions for benzene and sulphur dioxide emissions.

Particulate, metals, hydrocarbons and other pollutants would be sampled at several stations every six or 12 days, Davidson said.
Air monitoring website blowing in soon

agencies move snow

agencies move snow

BEND, Ore. With so much snow accumulating in Central Oregon due to the recent storms, and a forecast of rain and warmer temperatures, regional officials, including ODOT, warned everyone Friday to be prepared for potential flooding in coming days.

in Central Oregon should be preparing for the next weather event, said ODOT Regional Manager Bob Bryant. snow will turn into water, lots of water, and that water will likely lead to flooding, and we need to begin preparing for that now. has already begun to anticipate flooding by removing as much snow as possible from US20 in Bend, along Third Street and Greenwood Avenue. This will help crews identify where the street drains are located and open them up for the coming thaw.

Beyond that, Bryant is advising business operators and homeowners to identify the potential for flooding and prepare for it by clearing drains or obtaining sandbags to prevent flooding where possible.

need to act now, Bryant said, with rising temperatures and rain in the forecast, the potential for highway and local flooding is on the rise. Central Oregon government agencies that have been operating a hotline for public information said late Friday they are transitioning calls from that hotline to 211.

The hotline number 541 322 6330 is no longer in service, and officials urge you to instead please call 211. Dispatchers at 211 have been prepared with necessary information.

The purpose of the 211 essential community services phone number is to help residents get questions answered about issues related to this storm. through January 20.

If it an emergency please call 911. If it a non emergency but you need police or fire assistance, call (541) 693 6911.

Agencies around the region are collecting sandbag materials that will become available for the public that needs them, if the situation develops, said city of Bend Communications Director Anne Aurand.

Agencies are planning staging areas and hours of operation, she said,
agencies move snow
expecting to release those details on Monday.

In the meantime, she advised, there are other ways people can work to protect their properties, even without sandbags.

Alternatives include straw bales and plastic sheeting, or garbage bags filled with dirt. Plastic sheeting and garbage bags can be secured to openings around doorways to keep water from getting in, and tires and plastic sheeting can be used to make a dam.

The city also listed some preparation tips, such as removing snow from the foundation of your home, and making sure there clear drainage to catch basins or drainage areas on your property. They advised to e careful not to dig drainage into your neighbors property.

Here the local governments joint news release on Big Melt

With record breaking snow buildup on the ground and warmer temperatures and rain forecasted for Monday and Tuesday, it time to prepare for a big melt off.

Rain on snow increases the possibility of flooding when storm drains and inlets are covered with snow, ice or slush. If the water can get into the storm drain, it can result in flooding.

The majority of our storm water system relies on infiltrating water to the ground. A very small section of town drains to the river. When we have large rain and snow melt events, the ground becomes saturated, and infiltration rates diminish.

The City of Bend

Streets and Operations Department crews and contractors are currently widening streets which will assist transportation ease as well as helping to clear storm drains. They will likely plow streets more than once in coming days.

Utility crews this weekend will also work to clear blocked storm drains.

The Utility Department is getting mobile pumps and Vactor trucks ready to pump high water areas. If required, detours and street closures may be necessary to manage flooded areas.

There are things you can do to protect yourselves and your property. The sooner the better.

This is very important. Everyone needs to play a part.

Before the weather turns warmer and wetter, residents can help prevent and prepare for anticipated flooding. Residents who feel safe doing so can help keep storm drain inlets and swales open by using a shovel or rake. You may need to do this more than once.

Direct melt off away from structures by creating paths. Remember water will travel from high points to low points by the easiest means possible. Given this, you may want create safe pathways for water flow and/or obtain sand bags now.

Keep an eye on your neighborhood storm drains (grates on the streets and inlets within a curb area) especially as rain nears. If it is safe to do so, continue to clear snow, ice and slush that may otherwise block your storm drain inlet to help prevent localized flooding.

Do not pull up manhole covers. This can create additional sanitary sewer flooding issues in addition to health and safety hazards. Call Utilities at 541 317 3000 (ext. 2 for storm drain issues) if you feel that lifting a manhole would relieve a flooding situation. An answering service will dispatch calls over the weekend and after hours to staff in the field.

And if things do take a turn for the worse, Bend police Lt. Clint Burleigh said, “We have sandbags and are planning staging locations at this time. We are hoping to have this information released as soon as possible.”
agencies move snow

After nearly four decades

After nearly four decades

After waiting nearly four decades, more than two dozen middle aged Inuit sexual abuse victims from Igloolik and Kugaaruk filed into an Iqaluit courtroom Jan. 19 to begin describing how ex priest Eric Dejaeger scarred their hearts and deformed their lives.

I would take showers to get the dirt off, the shame and dirty feelings, but I couldn get it off me, one woman told the court, weeping as she spoke.

He entered guilty pleas to eight of those in November 2013. Following a long trial that ran from Nov. 18, 2013 until May 28, 2014, Justice Robert Kilpatrick of the Nunavut Court Justice found him guilty on 24 charges.

That included many counts of indecent assault on boys and girls, four counts of buggery, one count of bestiality with a dog, one count of forcible confinement, and one count of sexual assault.

Lawyers returned to court this week to start a lengthy sentencing hearing that began with numerous victim impact statements, most of them from Igloolik residents who flew to Iqaluit.

Crown lawyers Doug Curliss and Barry Nordin read most of the written statements into the record on behalf of the victims, who sat in the gallery and listened.

Support workers and family members read statements for some people, and one woman walked to the microphone at the front of the courtroom to read her own statement.

don trust a man around my son, the woman said. couldn trust seeing any man around kids. woman, in her mid 40s, said that after Dejaeger abused her, she left school at an early age and now she can read or write.

A 44 year old man described how the emotional impact of Dejaeger abuse damaged his adult relationships,
After nearly four decades
saying always suspected my wife of cheating on me. want him put away for a long time with no parole, the man said.

Another man, aged 47, said Dejaeger crimes destroyed his faith in religion.

don trust priests and I have a hard time believing in any faith or religion, he said.

And a 42 year old man said the Roman Catholic church should be made accountable at its highest level.

want the Vatican to be held responsible for all the suffering, he said.

The court heard much more from the same 42 year old in the afternoon, when Nordin read another section of the man statement that he had inadvertently left out in the morning.

He said Dejaeger who he called fake priest sodomized him inside the boiler room at the Catholic mission in Igloolik, an act that inflicted lasting emotional and physical damage.

After that attack, the man said his anus was aching and bleeding. And to this day, the man has trouble defecating and suffers from hemorrhoids.

may never forgive him but I feel sorry for him, the man said. am a survivor. I persist. another 47 year old man suggested that he has put Dejaeger abuse behind him.

have forgiven him. I will not let him control my life with what he did, the man said.

A Jan. 19 Canadian North flight carrying more victims from Igloolik to Iqaluit was cancelled, so court was to have resumed Jan. 20 to hear more impact statements.

Kilpatrick said final sentencing arguments from lawyers will start Wednesday, Jan. and take up one day to about a day and a half of court time.

After hearing those arguments, it likely that Kilpatrick will reserve judgment until a later date.

Five uniformed members of the sheriff detail stood guard at the main entrance to the court house building before proceedings started.

As a long queue of spectators, victims and people waiting for court appearances in other rooms lined up to get in, the guards searched handbags and coat pockets, and screened people with metal detectors.

Dejaeger, who arrived through another entrance, walked into the court room with a slight limp,
After nearly four decades
clad in standard prison issue blue sweatshirt and sweat pants.

affected businesses and employees

affected businesses and employees

The county of Sonoma Economic Development Board on Monday shared links to resources for businesses and their employees impacted by the fires.

Also on Monday, the county of Napa opened a local assistance center for those affected by the Napa fire complex, originally called the Atlas fire.

California Department of Insurance: Assistance with filing claims

Sonoma County Assessor: Property tax reassessment due to misfortune or calamity

UPDATE: Sonoma County residents at this point don’t have to file calamity claim forms to start the property tax adjustment process for significantly damaged properties. But Napa, Mendocino and Lake counties are requiring such forms to get the tax relief procedure started. (Read the full story.)

Franchise Tax Board: Info on deducting disaster losses

Board of Equalization: Manufacturing and R sales and use tax exemptions for equipment

Working Solutions: Small business microloans

Small Business Administration (SBA) financingSonoma County Job Link’s Business Services Team is assembling resources to help employees of businesses affected by the fires who need to:

Apply for unemployment benefits and COBRA coverage.

Looking for new job opportunities with other local employers.

For the latest employer resources,
affected businesses and employees
visit the Economic Development Board’s fire recovery resources page.

Sonoma County local assistance center

FEMA, county and state officials opened the “one stop shop” on Oct. 14.

Napa County local assistance center

The county of Napa on Monday opened the center to assist impacted county residents. The center offers federal, state and local disaster assistance resources, including financial assistance.

The county reiterated that the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) bureau is suspending routine immigration enforcement operations in the Northern California fire areas,
affected businesses and employees
including at the Napa assistance center.

Advice for How to Get Rid of Acne

Advice for How to Get Rid of Acne

Dr. Pimple Popper’s tips for clear skin

Think you the only one grappling with angry skin that erupts in breakouts? You and 50 million other Americans.

Luckily, there a dermatologist who garnered quite the acne obsessed cult following: Sandra Lee, MD, a board certified dermatologist in Southern California aka Dr. Pimple Popper. Her YouTube channel is crazy popular, recently logging its billionth view. In her videos, not only does she educate people on what acne is, but she features footage of all sorts of skin issues erupting,including blackheads, pustules, cysts, and more. (There a “graphic and shocking” warning that precedes her videos fair warning!)

Because she the go to guru for all things acne, we wanted to pick her brain for the advice she gives patients on the daily. Follow these tips and get closer to capturing clear skin.

Acne encompasses a range of facial spots beyond just your latest breakout situation: black and whiteheads, pimples, pustules, cysts, and nodules, says Dr. Lee. A black or whitehead occurs when a pore is clogged with debris and oil. When those blockages build up, bacteria, specifically the P. acnes variety, can get involved. That triggers inflammation and infection, which causes painful red pimples.

You know when you getting a pimple even before you see it. “When a pimple is under your skin, you can feel pain if you push on the area. That when the bacteria is starting to irritate,” explains Dr. Lee. As the spot gets redder and rises to the surface to become a pustule (aka a pimple that looks “squeezable”) your body is recruiting white cells in order to fight it off. “Your body is pushing out the pimple,” she says. Cystic acne is a more severe form of acne; also pus filled, cysts can be deep and have the potential to scar. A nodule is a hard, solid lesion that also deep within the skin.

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Dr. Pimple popper on what causes acne

What comes before the pimples even head to the surface of your skin? Though most people tend to get acne in their teens, women are more likely to suffer throughout their lives. “Acne is predominantly hormone driven. Because of hormone fluctuations throughout your cycle, you may break out around your period or during ovulation,” Dr. Lee explains. There are also genetic components that drive how likely you are to get acne, like how oily your skin is naturally.

The genetics of acne may be out of your control thanks mom and dad! but there is plenty you can do in the fight for clearer skin. Whether you have the occasional pimple, regular breakouts, or more serious acne, Dr. Lee has advice for you.

Dr. Pimple Popper’s tips for how to get rid of mild acne

The best way to treat acne is to get into a skin care routine that actively prevents pimples. Here are Dr. Lee must have ingredients to look for in acne fighting products:

Benzoyl peroxide. It an antibacterial that eliminates P. acnes on skin. Look for this ingredient if you have lots of pustules, since they an indication that you’re dealing with higher levels of bacteria on your skin. This ingredient won be as effective when used on blackheads.

Retinol. This vitamin A derivative targets white and blackheads by treating the ones you have and preventing new ones from popping up. “Since blackheads are the building blocks of acne, it really important to prevent them with retinol,
Advice for How to Get Rid of Acne
” says Dr. Lee.

Salicylic acid. A master exfoliator, SA keeps pores clean, and it comes with a pretty cool bonus benefit too: “It crystalizes and settles into pores to prevent new acne from forming,” explains Dr. Lee.

(Because Dr. Lee found that her patients were overwhelmed by all the anti acne choices in stores, she created her own line, SLMD Skincare. The products contain her must use pimple preventing ingredients.)

Even though you may be antsy to know if your skin care routine is working, it important to give a new regimen two or three months before expecting results. (As long as your skin isn irritated by a new product, of course if it is, stop using it.) “Your acne didn start overnight, so it won disappear overnight either,” cautions Dr. Lee.

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Dr. Pimple Popper’s tips for how to get rid of cystic acne

If benzoyl peroxide, retinol, and salicylic acid help a bit but not completely or if you have cystic acne, see your dermatologist. You may need something beyond topical treatments, says Dr. Lee. Here the extra oomph that may make a difference.

Oral antibiotics. These help treat and prevent bacterial growth from an inside out approach.

Birth control pills. These often help clear skin because they moderate hormone levels that might otherwise spark breakouts.

Spironolactone. This diuretic packs an anti testosterone effect, which is especially effective in treating acne in patients with the hormonal disorder polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS, says Dr. Lee. “Patients also like how it improves the feel of their skin by reducing oil production,” she says.

Isotretinoin. If you experience deep, painful cysts and nodules, you may need more aggressive treatment. This oral derivative of vitamin A (commonly referred to by the brand name Accutane) shrinks oil glands and limits how much oil they produce. “This is a fantastic medication that does something no other acne medication does,” says Dr. Lee. After taking it for four to six months, “we say that your acne goes into remission.” Because the drug carries a risk of birth defects, you can absolutely not get pregnant while taking it, so patients are required to take pregnancy tests before, during, and after taking the med.

Dr. Pimple Popper on how to pop a pimple safely

If you going to take matters into your own hands, at least pop responsibly. Wait until the pimple comes to the surface of skin (you see the white, pus filled head of the pimple). Popping a pimple when your skin is ready “will cause the most shallow trauma to skin and decrease the likelihood of permanent scarring,” says Dr. Lee. You also more likely to get everything out; if you don the spot will just get inflamed again.

Ideally, do this in the shower where warm water will naturally help open pores. Popping pimples in the shower also ensures you’re in a clean environment. Otherwise, use clean hands and put a warm compress on the pimple to help draw it out. After you squeeze all the contents out, wash your hands again to avoid spreading the bacteria to another site on your skin or even someone else. (Yikes!)

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Advice for How to Get Rid of Acne

Adult programming on DISH Network

Adult programming on DISH Network

Satellite TV service guarantees ample entertainment that refreshes one s mind. Things like movies, music, sports actions, dramas reality shows and games provide charm, essence of romance, excitement, thrill and all other things that one s soul might want. But sometimes, life demands something more. People who are matured mentally and physically search for such contents on TV. Such contents are termed as adult contents . One can get to see high quality adult contents on some DISH Network channels, which are provocative, appealing,
Adult programming on DISH Network
sensuous and mind boggling. DISH channels such as XTSY, Fresh and Juicy TV, Playboy TV, Reality Kings TV and Real TV are among the top DISH channels for adult contents. For more appealing actions you can subscribe the DISH HD Free for Life package. It is just a haven for people who look for erotic programs on the TV. The contents that the channel telecast are seductive but at the same time glamorous. Playboy brings you the scope to enjoy some the top original series of contents that are popular across the US. Available on all DISH HD formats, Playboy makes things even more charming and exciting with crystal clear picture and sound output with ultimate clarity. Playboy comes at Channel number 488 and is available at a monthly price of $ 16 per month. You can watch late night movies, late night specials and ample reality shows on this channel to provoke yourself. Yes, the name speaks for the channel. Unlike Playboy, it doesn t offer scripted movies and dramas where erotic things are hidden inside covers. Everything is real in Real TV. You can enjoy high quality real life videos that show real people in real action. Besides, the channel offers uncensored version of movies and reality cinemas to attract viewers. What makes this channel a fan favorite is its attempts to present shows on fresh themes and performed by new people. The channel introduces you with new performers in the industry every day. With its offbeat thinking and themes, the channel has indeed changed the definition of adult content to some extent.
Adult programming on DISH Network

admits to breaks to relative’s house

admits to breaks to relative’s house

SALEM A Salem man, arrested last month after repeatedly entering the home of two relatives to take cash from their handbags, pleaded guilty Monday to breaking and entering in the nighttime.

Michael Kennedy, 48, of 62 Derby St., was given a suspended 2 1/2 year jail term in the case but also a series of conditions, including participation in the Salvation Armysubstance abuse treatment program and followup treatment, as well as random drug and alcohol tests and paying restitution to his family, during the next two years.

“Hope it works out for you,” Salem District Court Judge Robert Brennan told Kennedy during Monday’s hearing. “You’re getting up there. on the morning of Jan. 22.

An hour earlier, a relative who lives in North Salem had found Kennedy in her kitchen, prosecutor Erin Bellavia told the judge.

The woman told officers that she had already received a phone call from Kennedy’s wife,
admits to breaks to relative's house
warning her that he had left the house.

The family member said she went to the bathroom and then, when she opened the door, saw Kennedy standing in the kitchen again.

“Are you (expletive) kidding me?” the woman said she asked Kennedy. He immediately left.

Police noticed a set of keys in the lock that belonged to neither resident.

Officers found Kennedy at his home. He insisted that he’d been sleeping. But officers noticed that his hair and face were wet, surmising that it was from the rain.

Bellavia, citing Kennedy’s long record, asked Brennan to send him to jail for at least a year.

Kennedy’s lawyer, Thomas Gately, urged the judge to give his client probation, saying his client wants to continue treatment he began at the Middleton Jail, where he’s spent just over a month.

Gately said Kennedy wasn’t after money that night, only food because he had been spending all of his money on drugs and wasn’t eating.

Brennan agreed to a sentence that would allow Kennedy to start treatment, but warned him that he was retaining jurisdiction in the case and could send him back to Middleton Jail if he violates any of the conditions of probation during the next two years.
admits to breaks to relative's house

admiral is reassigned

admiral is reassigned

Thomas C. Lynch, whose fast rise in the Navy stalled when he presided over the Naval Academy during its largest cheating scandal, has been assigned to a new Pentagon post that will chart the future of the Navy and Marine Corps.

The 52 year old academy superintendent yesterday received his orders to become director of the Navy’s roles and missions study group, under the chief of naval operations.

The admiral will oversee a staff of 10 that will study will review the types of military operations that may be required in the post Cold War era.

“I’m very excited about it. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity,” said the admiral, who expects to begin his new assignment in September and will move back to Great Falls, Va.

The Navy study directed by Admiral Lynch together with those from the other services will be used by the Commission on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces, a six member panel formed last year by Congress. The commission is scheduled to present its finding to the secretary of defense next year.

“I think it’s a very important assignment,” said retired Vice Adm. William P. Lawrence, a former academy superintendent. “The outcome is very critical for the future of all the military.”

Admiral Lynch had hoped for a third star and command of a fleet. But that dream faded after the scandal involving an electrical engineering exam.

A third star for Admiral Lynch would have been difficult to get through the Senate Armed Services Committee. Several members have been critical of the admiral’s leadership during the cheating scandal,
admiral is reassigned
which eventually implicated 134 midshipmen and led to the punishment of 88 and the expulsion of 24. Admiral Lynch admitted “failure” in not aggressively pursuing the investigation.

Asked what he will do once the commission reports to the defense secretary next year, Admiral Lynch said: “After that, I serve at the pleasure of the president. Whatever the Navy [decides]. I hope to get a fleet.”

The admiral’s “wealth of experience” will help him in his new post, said Admiral Lawrence.

Before arriving at the academy in 1991, Admiral Lynch led the first battle group into the Red Sea in August 1990 after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

He also served as a top aide to Navy Secretary John Lehman and his successor, James Webb.

Arriving at the academy in June 1991, Admiral Lynch was viewed as a “Mr. Fix It” in the wake of a scandal involving sophomore Midshipman Gwen Dreyer, who had been handcuffed to a urinal and jeered by male classmates.

That scandal derailed the career of the academy superintendent at the time, Rear Adm. Virgil Hill, who also was offered a lateral move and later retired.
admiral is reassigned